Forecast | Only wish Jiaqing and Shixin Pengfei invite you to enjoy the Spring Festival Gala


Pengfei, Shanxi

Celebrating the Spring Festival

Continue to draw candle

Long Feast

A year will end the night

thousands of lights

Pengfei Group invites you

spend the festive season together, enjoy the scenery together


预告 | 只愿嘉庆与时新 鹏飞邀您赏春晚


The theme of this gala is "Happy Pengfei Greeting the New Year", which reflects the heroic feeling of looking forward to the future, highlights the spirit of Pengfei employees, and wishes Pengfei prosperity.

Party time

2022.1.27 (December 25) 19:00-21:00 p.m.

Party Address

Pengfei Headquarters 5G Central Dispatching Command Management Platform Conference Hall

Form of Performance


Viewing form

① Official Shake Voice Account: "Shanxi Pengfei" and "Live Xiaoyi" Live Online

② Watch the scene (avoid gathering during the epidemic prevention and control period)


预告 | 只愿嘉庆与时新 鹏飞邀您赏春晚


And song and line-have fun with you

Flowers all over the road, how limited spring outing

Xiao drum noisy empty, several night banquet

It's not just the great show that attracts the attention.

There are also interesting surrounding games


预告 | 只愿嘉庆与时新 鹏飞邀您赏春晚


Look at the live activities first!

Prosperity Phase

Each watch.

Pengfei Group has also prepared for everyone.

Wonderful annual custom activities


预告 | 只愿嘉庆与时新 鹏飞邀您赏春晚


At the beginning of the year yuan zuo


is for the good will

Banquet this high hall

The end of the year is approaching-Praise to Winter Suiyuan

This is a special year,

The epidemic has disrupted our plans,

Fortunately, everything will pass.

The red candle of the New Year is about to light up!


预告 | 只愿嘉庆与时新 鹏飞邀您赏春晚


"We have prepared masks and corresponding killing and temperature measurement for everyone at the scene.

The winter will finally end

Xinghe will always be bright

At the moment of the epidemic, Pengfei will protect everyone's safety.

May everyone

How joy, long peace

As in the past, everything went smoothly.

Finally, may we gather together to enjoy the audio-visual feast!