Pengfei Group has issued benefits!


Pengfei, Shanxi

The Spring Festival is approaching, and the house is full of blessings!

Pengfei Group has paid welfare again!

Yeah, you heard right,

It's welfare!



The achievements of Pengfei Group in 2021 are obvious to all employees! This is inseparable from the party, the country, and the group. It is also the result of the joint efforts of Pengfei people with dreams, ideals, and aspirations.

Dongfeng welcomes the new year, Ruixue is in a good year, and Lesser Snow is fluttering in welfare. In order to thank the group's employees for their hard work and devotion over the past year, the group headquarters has prepared generous welfare for the employees, with all kinds of grain and oil products available! The welfare is delivered, the true feelings are warm in the heart, and the people-oriented corporate culture is fully reflected.



The trade unions of the factories and mines under the group also provided generous Spring Festival benefits to the employees, and sent the group leaders to the employees with strong care and full Spring Festival blessings. These heavy benefits not only bring you good wishes for the Spring Festival, but also bring full hope and struggle to every Pengfei person.

Achievements in 2021,

Without the efforts of each employee.

Pengfei Group is here,

I wish all the staff,

Happy New Year, the Year of the Tiger.