Pengfei Group: Day by Day, Year by Year


Pengfei, Shanxi


The beginning of the new year is New Year's Day

Vientious update for a new look

Come to Pengfei Group

How to welcome the New Year


Lucky Big Wheel



Lucky big wheel, good luck keeps turning, let you come with pleasure and return with full load!


New Year's Wish Wall



2021, everyone is great; 2022, we walk to the light and together to the future.


New Year's Day Pin Wall



Open a new calendar and welcome a beautiful new beginning. The first photo, the first meal, the first blessing......



If happiness has shape, it must be a warm smiling face. The past 2021 is very full, 2022 also continue to move forward with a smile ~



The scene also prepared exquisite tea breaks for everyone. snacks and pastries are not repeated, just to leave good memories for everyone ~





In the joyful Pengfei Group, they performed songs and dances, which were full of vigor and vitality, and won bursts of applause.


Light Show



Sound, waves, lights, hilarious

The wanton carnival at the end of the year

Happy this day

Peng Fei is with you

Together to witness the excitement and joy of the here and now



At the end of 2021, you, who are in a hurry, pack up the five flavors and hustle and bustle of the year, store your expectations and set off for 2022.

One dollar is renewed and Vientias is renewed. On this holiday season, all colleagues of Pengfei Group extend their sincere thanks to all those who care about Pengfei's cause and wish you a happy New Year's Day! The new year, live up to the time, go forward!