Pengfei Group Donates 30 million Yuan for Post-disaster Reconstruction in Qinshui County


Pengfei Rong Media Center

On December 2, Pengfei Qinhe Helped Qinshui County Post-disaster Reconstruction Donation Symposium and Donation Ceremony was warmly held in Pengfei Friendship Hotel.

On behalf of the Qinshui County Party Committee and County Government, Ren Caihong, secretary of the Qinshui County Party Committee, expressed deep gratitude and high respect for Pengfei Group's generous donations. At the critical moment of self-rescue after the disaster in the whole county of Qinshui, Pengfei Qinhe stepped forward with the self-consciousness of the master to provide timely help for the post-disaster reconstruction, and wrote the true feelings of hardship of "no clothes, no clothes with your son" with practical actions.

"The green hills are together with the clouds and rain, and the bright moon has ever been two villages". This is another great act of Pengfei Group after donating 60 million yuan to xiaoyi city. We firmly believe that with this fruitful cooperation story, Qinshui and Pengfei will be able to overcome the difficulties on the way forward in the journey of promoting high-quality development in an all-round way, and write a win-win situation in a broader field and a deeper level. A new chapter.