Yu Yingjie walks into Pengfei's "hydrogen port" to help achieve carbon neutrality.


Pengfei Rong Media Center



On the evening of November 16, Yu Yingjie, vice governor of Shanxi Province, led a team into Pengfei Group to investigate the construction of Pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park project.

Luliang Municipal Government Mayor Zhang Guangyong accompanied by Vice Mayor Ren Lei.

Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee Secretary Zhao Jianxi, Government Mayor Yang Guang accompanied. Zhang Youquan, Li Yongsheng and Yang Fengming participated in the activity.

Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, warmly received and introduced the project.

"Hydrogen" is installed, the track can be expected!

On the spot, I watched Pengfei Group's development history, intelligent coal industry, fine chemical industry, clean energy, 5G industrial application, hydrogen energy project development plan and other related exhibition boards. After listening to the specific introduction, Yu Yingjie asked in detail about the project process route, hydrogen extraction technology, hydrogen production cost, hydrogen production purity and other information.

Yu Yingjie agrees with Pengfei's hydrogen energy industry development plan and marvels at the low-cost hydrogen production process found by Pengfei relying on its own circular industrial chain layout. It is believed that Chairman Zheng Peng is clear and forward-looking, and Pengfei's hydrogen energy industry is in the forefront. He is very much looking forward to the landing of hydrogen energy planning and application such as hydrogen energy heavy trucks and hydrogenation stations, encouraging Pengfei to continue to move in the right direction. The provincial government and the Science and Technology Department will provide all-round support to solve problems, serve enterprises and support economic development through scientific and technological innovation.

Zhang Guangyong praised Chairman Zheng Peng for his vision, motivation, and strength, and believed that governments at all levels should jointly support the development of private enterprises represented by Pengfei, and achieve win-win cooperation and common development between enterprises and local governments.

Hydrogen opens the future, unlimited ability!

Subsequently, Wei Yinghui, director of the provincial science and technology department, had an exchange and discussion with Chairman Zheng Peng. He said that the provincial government supports the construction of a hydrogen energy comprehensive test base, opens up technical research and application development channels, and solves the problems existing in the process of technology transformation. He hoped Pengfei would actively declare and build a hydrogen energy demonstration city relying on Pengwan Hydrogen Port. At the same time, Wei Yinghui also learned in detail about Pengfei's whole industrial chain process and hydrogen energy project process route, hoping to use it as a demonstration and widely popularize it in the future.

Chairman Zheng Peng thanked governments at all levels for their support and concern for Pengfei's hydrogen energy development. He exchanged Pengfei's hydrogen energy development plan, process route and projects requiring scientific and technological research and development support with provincial leaders. He said that he would closely follow the national "double carbon" goal and the requirements of the provincial party committee, focus on industrial technological innovation and achievement landing, and make every effort to build a new demonstration highland for hydrogen energy industry.

On the morning of the 17th, Yu Yingjie and his party, accompanied by Chairman Zheng Peng, visited Pengfei 5G Central Dispatch Command and Management Platform.