Zhao Jianxi Enters Pengfei to Investigate and Investigate to Help Solve Development Problems


Pengfei Rong Media Center


On November 3, Zhao Jianxi, secretary of the Xiaoyi Municipal CPC Committee, walked into Pengfei Group at the first stop during the investigation of enterprise activities, actively listening to the demands of enterprises and helping enterprises solve practical problems.

Wang Xiuxia, member of the Standing Committee of the Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda, Zhang Youquan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Xiaoyi Economic Development Zone, and Li Yongsheng, Deputy Mayor of the Government, and other relevant leaders of the Municipal Party Committee, Municipal Government and Development Zone jointly investigated.

Zheng Peng, chairman and president of the board of directors of Pengfei Group, received and reported the relevant situation.

Zhao Jianxi and his party visited Pengfei methanol co-production LNG synthetic ammonia production base, methanol centralized control center and Pengwan hydrogen port hydrogen energy industrial park project site successively, and investigated Pengfei's industrial scale, production capacity, hydrogen energy project progress, development problems, etc.

Chairman Zheng Peng introduced that Pengfei's hydrogen energy industry has two unique advantages: hydrogen production cost and application scenarios. It focuses on key technologies such as hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogen transportation and hydrogen use. Pengfei will make full efforts in equipment manufacturing, electric reactors, hydrogen energy heavy trucks, "oil, gas, hydrogen, electricity and non-oil" comprehensive energy supply stations and research and development centers, and will be equipped with expert apartments to provide living, working and scientific research conditions for all kinds of talents.

Zhao Jianxi asked in detail about the progress of the project, land issues, and various approval procedures. It is pointed out that entering Pengfei is to solve the problem. The municipal party committee and municipal government will fully support the development of the enterprise, assist the enterprise in solving various formalities in the development of the project, and actively strive for preferential policies and subsidies for the enterprise in all aspects; at the same time, urge the relevant departments to do a good job in enterprise assistance, adhere to the organic unity of emancipating the mind and seeking truth from facts, and make every effort to promote project construction, around the development of the whole industrial chain, we should do a good job in extending, supplementing and strengthening the chain, so as to improve the economic efficiency and core competitiveness of the industry. In addition, Zhao Jianxi also investigated Pengfei's production capacity, safety and environmental protection.