Pengfei Group's Series of Activities to Celebrate the 100 Anniversary of the Founding of the Party-"July 1" Special Gala and "Two Excellence and One First" Award Ceremony



The picture shows the host hosting the party


6On the evening of July 27, Shanxi Pengfei Group held a special performance party to celebrate the 100 anniversary of the founding of the party and the award ceremony of "two excellent and one first" at Dongfeng Theater in Xiaoyi City. The party kicked off in the scene chorus "Mom Taught Me a Song", reciting 11 wonderful programs such as "A Copy of Martyrs' Poems" and "Red Plum Praise" with singing and dancing, each with its own characteristics. also commended outstanding communist party members, outstanding party workers, and advanced grass-roots party organizations.


The picture shows the performance of "martyrs' poetry copy"


The party ended successfully with Pengfei's deep love for the Communist Party of China and sincere wishes for the motherland in the chorus of "no new China without the Communist Party.