Pengfei Group Launching Party History Learning and Education Theme Practice Activities



The picture shows the group photo of the practical activities of the Red Wu Township Tour.


6On January 20, Zheng Peng, secretary of the general party branch, led all party members, probationary party members, activists and staff representatives to Wuxiang County, Changzhi City, a red base in southeast Shanxi Province, to carry out practical activities on the theme of party history learning and education.

The carriages organized activities such as singing red songs, telling revolutionary stories, poetry recitations and dance performances.


The picture shows the small activities held by the staff of each carriage.


Before the visit, Secretary Zheng Peng also led everyone to review the oath of joining the Party.


The picture shows Secretary Zheng Peng leading everyone to review the oath of joining the Party.


As one of Pengfei Group's series of activities on party history learning and education, this red special train tour has been carried out in a solid and meaningful way. Participants have said that they will always keep in mind the oath of joining the Party, consciously enhance the cultivation of Party spirit, actively participate in Pengfei's high-quality development and construction, and take practical actions to help the Group achieve its annual goals and tasks.