Hou Huaxing: Home for Everyone, Pengfei's Spirit Brilliant Continues


Pengfei Rong Media Center



At the beginning of October, large-scale rainfall occurred in all parts of Shanxi, and the factories and mines of Pengfei Group were also affected to varying degrees by flooding of the factory area, flooding of equipment, and travel difficulties. In the battle against floods, Pengfei Methanol Plant can always see Hou Huaxing constantly shuttling back and forth.

Hou Huaxing is a native of Xiaoyi, a 5-year-old LNG workshop worker. In his mind, he had never experienced such a flood. On October 7, when he went to work in the methanol plant, he was stunned by the sight in front of him. The water in the plant area that he rushed to every day was not over his knees.

Seeing this situation, Hou Huaxing thought that the LNG workshop was the lowest point of methanol and was likely to be seriously flooded. When he arrived, the water level pouring into the LNG workshop had not passed his waist, and the electric pump equipment was at risk of water at any time. Improper maintenance caused equipment damage and even accidents. He led his colleagues to urgently dismantle the electric pump close to the water level, place it in a safe area, and devote themselves to flood fighting and rescue work.

From the 7th to the 10th, Hou Huaxing always stuck to the journey of self-rescue in the factory area. It was late at night to call home during the break, and his 6-year-old son was already asleep. Hou Huaxing did not flinch and resolutely stuck to his post.

Heavy sandbags were carried on the body, wet and cold rain soaked into the skin, and rubber shoes were filled with rain. Hou Huaxing and his colleagues were completely unaware and tried their best to block the six doors of the workshop to avoid property losses in the factory. Under the hard work of the cadres and workers of the whole plant, the stagnant water finally receded. On the 12th, each section of the methanol plant gradually resumed operation, and electric pumps and oil pumps roared again.

"Responsibility and responsibility have become the consciousness that Pengfei Group does not need to remind!" In this flood disaster, there were too many people like Hou Huaxing, and the Pengfei people who came forward once again interpreted the true meaning of this sentence with practical actions. Whether in the face of the epidemic, or in the face of floods, Pengfei people will rush to the front line without hesitation, this is the true embodiment of Pengfei spirit, this is the epitome of Pengfei culture to guide action consciously!