Reemphasize training and organize employees to participate in basic legal training




The picture isLv Xiaofang, President of the Federation of Trade Unions, made an important speech.


On October 13, 2017, Lv Xiaofang, Chairman of Pengfei Group Trade Union Federation, Zhang Dawei, Legal Commissioner of Human Resources Department, Wu Lingzhi of Shanxi Huaju Law Firm, and all employees of the General Department participated in basic legal training and collectively charged.

This training activity was organized and implemented by the secretary group of the General Department, and Wu Lingzhi of Shanxi Huaju Law Firm was specially invited to give a lecture.


The picture shows Wu Lingzhi of Shanxi Huaju Law Firm giving a speech


At the beginning of the training, Chairman Lu first made an important speech on the purpose of this training, explaining that this training is to allow employees to seriously learn legal knowledge, arm their minds with the law, so that everyone can learn to consciously use legal weapons, and protect the company and employees. At the same time, it cannot harm the interests of the country and others. In the market economy, there are numerous cases of enterprises causing huge losses due to ignorance of the law, such as compensation due to ignorance of the Contract Law, duty crimes due to ignorance of the law, and so on. The occurrence of these acts will inevitably affect the development of enterprises. Therefore, holding legal knowledge training in the enterprise, so that employees understand and master the basic legal provisions and legal procedures, is the premise of enterprise development.


The picture shows the staff listening to the lecture carefully.


Subsequently, Chairman Lu conducted training and study on the content of the "Safety Production Legal System" in the "Enterprise Management Legal System" to improve everyone's awareness of safety production, popularize safety knowledge and implement safety production laws and regulations.

Shanxi Huaju Law Firm Wu Lingzhi interprets the key issues of "Property" in the Marriage Law. These include the matrimonial property system, the joint property of the husband and wife, the personal property of the husband and wife, and the joint property of the husband and wife. Combined with typical cases in life, lawyer Wu introduced the common situations in the law to help employees learn and understand the legal knowledge related to marriage.

The legal training also set up a platform for communication and interaction between the company and its employees. During the training, the employees reflected the various legal problems they encountered in their lives. The lecturer also helped them analyze the legal relationship through this platform, and provided suggestions to solve the problems, and received good teaching results.


The picture shows that employees consult with professionals.


The key factor of enterprise development is the staff, the level of legal quality of employees, directly affects the development process of enterprises. With the state of the enterprise market operation activities and market order more and more standardized, through effective legal training of enterprise employees, guide employees to learn the law, know the law, abide by the law, usage, and constantly improve the comprehensive quality of employees, and then improve the comprehensive competitiveness of enterprises, so that enterprises in the tide of competition, in an invincible position.