Psychological counseling during pregnancy, care for special groups of mental health



The picture shows female workers taking notes carefully to prepare for pregnancy at the lecture.


On October 19, 2017, under the active preparation of Lu Xiaofang, chairman of Pengfei Group Trade Union Federation, Shi Qianni, head of the trade union of the comprehensive department, and other relevant personnel, the layout of the mommy cabin was carried out at the headquarters 4012, and the pregnant staff, expectant mothers and expectant fathers were provided with psychological counseling during pregnancy.

This psychological counseling invited Xiaoyi senior psychological counselor and high-efficiency trainer Gao Jihong. The lecturer first briefly introduced the common sense of pregnancy and how to relieve stress, and then combined with the examples encountered in life, it focused on the importance of emotions during pregnancy and the impact on the child's character. In particular, most parents do not pay attention to the first child unintentionally during the second pregnancy, which will make the child feel insecure, thus in adolescence will be more rebellious than children of the same age. At the same time, pregnant women should keep a happy mood during pregnancy, learn to adjust their own emotions, expectant fathers should pay more attention to, care for, considerate, and considerate of their loved ones, so that pregnant women can maintain a healthy and happy heart. Finally, the employees consulted and coached on the problems they encountered in their life.

The development of psychological counseling for pregnant women is the company's attention to women, a vulnerable group, so that employees can find a sense of happiness and belonging at home in Pengfei Group.