Pengfei Group Blown the Charge of Resuming Work and Production after the Disaster


Pengfei Rong Media Center



Recently, continuous heavy rainfall caused the Pengfei Methanol Plant next to the Wenyu River to stop completely. The group dispatched more than 800 people to actively rescue themselves, comprehensively investigate and deal with hidden dangers of flood control, do a good job in health and epidemic prevention in the affected areas, and orderly promote the resumption of work and production after the disaster.

In the clean and tidy factory area, the machinery roared one after another, and the instrument pressure was gradually normal. Affected by continuous precipitation, the methanol plant has fully resumed operation since the emergency stop at 3 am on the 7th. At 8 o'clock on the 13th, all sections were ready and the methanol plant was fully started.

On the afternoon of the 12th, in the centralized control center of the methanol plant, the monitoring operators kept a close eye on the beating screen and immediately verified the situation through intercom. In front of the display screen of the whole process, Yan Peng, deputy chief of the production department, checked it one by one, excitedly gesticulating the normal running segments to the screen. If the methanol workshop can receive gas normally, it means that the whole process has been fully unblocked. The next task is to optimize the system to ensure the safe and orderly operation of each link.

The workers at the gate of the 260 power distribution room are still doing the final cleaning and finishing work, and the safety production posters of the LNG workshop have been replaced in time. Even the old Pengfei people have never seen such a flood disaster. Methanol plants have set an example in "active self-help", and now they are working hard to resume production to ensure full production of clean energy, so that the people can live a warm winter.

After the disaster, the group will also carry out all-round and vigorous disinfection of the factory area, carry out monitoring and inspection of water sources and food, do a good job in disinfection and harmless treatment of garbage and sludge, strictly prevent secondary epidemics and disasters caused by floods, and make every effort to ensure the health and safety of workers.

In the process of active self-rescue, all cadres and employees of the methanol plant fully practiced the "36-hour spirit". Many cadres and employees of the long day shift left work and consciously devoted themselves to flood control and did not go home for several days. "Culture is productivity", behind the lovely figures, showing the brilliance of Pengfei culture, working together, working together, building a "safe dike" for the life and property of the group company ". Pengfei people use their own practical actions to prove that Pengfei people are loyal to their careers, runners who never stop until they reach their goals, and dreamers who take Pengfei as their home.