When the flood fighting is going on | Pengfei Group is united in the flood fighting situation


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Disaster situation of factories and mines


Recently, large-scale rainfall has occurred in all parts of Shanxi, and some areas have suffered from severe rainfall and waterlogging disasters. The flood control situation is severe. Level III emergency response to upgraded geological disasters and level III emergency response to provincial natural disaster relief have been launched one after another.

The factories and mines of Pengfei Group have also been affected to varying degrees by flooding in the factory area, flooding of equipment, and travel difficulties. In order to restore the order of production and life as soon as possible and reduce the burden of government rescue, Pengfei Group has made every effort to carry out flood prevention and self-rescue work.

The rain and waterlogging, the methanol plant is close to Wenyu River, resulting in serious water accumulation, wall collapse, production equipment damage, resulting in a complete shutdown, direct economic losses of nearly 65 million. During this period, the group dispatched more than 800 people to join in flood fighting and emergency rescue. Submersible pumps, loaders, a large number of woven bags and rainproof tarpaulins were used to waterproof and reinforce key areas such as substations and LNG underground circulating water pumps.

The leaders of the group attach great importance to it and require that the protection of the lives and property of cadres and employees should always be the first priority, and various flood prevention and disaster relief measures should be carefully implemented. The principle is not to rely on and actively save oneself, and the principle is not to cause trouble to the government., Quickly arrange deployment, take effective measures to "prevent floods and ensure production" with factories and mines as units, and fully carry out flood prevention and self-rescue work.

In addition, the Pengfei Group Women's Federation has also recently taken the initiative to respond to the initiative of the Xiaoyi City Women's Federation, actively raising funds, and donating 300000 yuan through the Xiaoyi City Charity Federation to pass on the love. Although our own disaster is also very serious, as long as the government has a call and the people need it, Pengfei Group, which was born and grew up in this country, will fully support and cooperate with flood prevention and disaster relief and home reconstruction work, and do good deeds in return to Sangzi.

When the municipal party committee and government carried out a series of disaster relief and disaster reduction measures in the disaster-stricken areas, Pengfei Group played the role of the backbone of private enterprises, actively rescued themselves, donated donations, assumed social responsibilities with practical actions, reduced the burden of government rescue, and went all out to overcome floods and disasters. Resume production as soon as possible.

People first, life first! All Pengfei people are gathering the strength of unity. If the flood does not retreat, they will fight to the end.