Salute to the national flag | Please rest assured that the strong country has me, Pengfei, and the strong enterprise has me.


Pengfei Rong Media Center



At the glorious moment of the 100th anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of the People's Republic of China and the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the Communist Party of China, Pengfei Group entered the list of the top 500 Chinese enterprises for the first time with an impressive score of 354th in the new energy industry and became the only private enterprise in Shanxi. This is another major milestone in Pengfei's 28-year development history, it is also another fruitful result of the group's deep cultivation, transformation and development and a century-old foundation.

On October 1, in order to celebrate the 72nd anniversary of the founding of the motherland, to celebrate Pengfei Group's listing as one of the "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises", to further stimulate employees' patriotism and collectivism, and to enhance their sense of responsibility, honor and mission, Pengfei Group organized a flag-raising ceremony to express their blessings to the motherland and their confidence and determination to strengthen the state and enterprises.

This flag-raising ceremony takes the form of live video, and all regional companies of Pengfei Group take the form of live broadcast to organize and watch.

Pengfei staff representatives stood in the front line of the headquarters building to welcome the first ray of dawn of the National Day in 2021. The national anthem and the song of the company are inspiring, the voice of China is resonating with the five continents. Full of Pengfei people's blessings for the prosperity of the great motherland, full of Pengfei people's lofty sentiments for reform, innovation, and hard work, we stand at a new starting point, we strive to embark on a new journey, and we set off again with passion!

After the flag-raising ceremony, the employees on the scene collectively watched Pengfei Group's 28-year glorious journey towards the top 500 Chinese companies. Over the past 28 years, innovation and reform and industrial transformation have witnessed Pengfei Group's continuous cultivation of happiness. A first heart, a pulse of feelings, a dream and a kind of persistence have created the best endorsement for today's urban transformation and development.

After watching the special film on the development of the group together, representatives of new young employees and cadres such as Xiao Feng and Feng Chunhua spoke respectively about the ambition of tens of millions of Pengfei people, under the leadership of Chairman Zheng Peng, to open up the great cause of "Pengfei for a hundred years" behind "Pengfei has culture, spirit and strength. Our generation is prosperous, the enterprise is prosperous, the enterprise is strong, the country is strong.

All cadres and employees swear: please rest assured that the strong country has me. Please rest assured that Pengfei has me. Hundreds of people swear, majestic, the new "hydrogen" year, we will continue to succeed, a new starting point, we must be more brilliant.

Zheng Peng, secretary of the general party branch, chairman of the board of directors and president of Pengfei Group, delivered an important speech on National Day, pointing out that since the beginning of this year, Pengfei has made many historic achievements such as entering the "Top 500 Chinese Enterprises." a series of new progress and changes demonstrate the correct leadership of the party, highlight the development advantages of private enterprises and the creative power of more than 20,000 Pengfei people.

On the occasion of jointly celebrating the 72nd birthday of the motherland, we have seen that in the important historical moments since the reform and opening up, there has never been a lack of Pengfei. We are of one mind with the party, with the country, and with the world. Pengfei has been able to present heavy gifts on all National Days.

In 2021, Pengfei stepped onto the stage of the top 500 Chinese enterprises, which is a historic moment for us to pay tribute to the motherland after 28 years of accumulation. This is the pride of all Pengfei people and the guidance of the Pengfei spirit rooted in our hearts. It indicates that Pengfei's road is correct and Pengfei people are doing solid work. The road, culture and system of Pengfei are emitting strong vitality, and miracles are emerging in the land of Pengfei. We were born in a great and prosperous China. Every time we climb over a hurdle, we can feel the strong leadership of the party and a strong motherland behind us. Our dream is Pengfei's dream, and Pengfei's dream is pinned on it. In the great Chinese dream.

Ms. Meng Wanzhou said that where there is a five-star red flag, there is a beacon of faith. We can feel that the fate of individuals and enterprises is closely linked with the country. The struggle of every Pengfei people contributes to the strength of the enterprise. The strength of each enterprise can create the greatness of the country. On the voyage, we have established a lighthouse, which is "to create happiness for those who care about Pengfei's cause"! Every place where Pengfei Siqi is raised, closely follow the great and correct path of the party, and take "low-carbon life hope" as the key link, we will go through one glory after another! Our lighthouse, will also be better and better, more and more bright, let Pengfei green, open all over the motherland!

Kun Peng spread his wings and soared upward. For seventy-two years, I have changed the world, and I am proud of it. In the face of the unprecedented changes in the world today and the haze of the epidemic, China has never flinched. Because we believe that we will move from victory to new victory!

Go against the trend and move forward with honor. Being shortlisted in the top 500 Chinese enterprises is both an honor and a responsibility. Pengfei Group will actively shoulder the important task of the times, firmly serve the national strategy, comprehensively deepen reform and innovation, build a brand moat, and move towards a better and stronger motherland. Please rest assured that the powerful country has me. Please rest assured that Pengfei has me. Pengfei for their own endorsement, but also for the motherland.