Create a new era of Pengfei and strive to be the guardian of the blue sky.




("Blue Sky Defense" Theme Meeting Site)

On October 19, Zheng Peng, chairman of the group company, organized an environmental protection project promotion meeting with the theme of "creating a new era of Pengfei and striving to be a blue sky guard" at Pengfei Coking Plant.

Guo Fengguang, deputy general manager and general manager of production of the group company, Liang Junwei, project commander-in-chief and general manager of engineering materials, Wang Qi, chief engineer and general commander of coking project, Li Zhiliang, deputy general manager of production equipment, Zhang Gaiyun, minister of planning and efficiency supervision, Wang Zhengang, minister of safety and environment department, heads of production system factories, chief engineer and heads of Sanju Environmental Protection Company of related projects attended the meeting. At the meeting, the participants made a detailed report on the operation of the existing environmental protection facilities and the problems existing in the environmental protection projects under construction.

Chairman Zheng Peng pointed out that General Secretary Xi proposed in the "Report" of the 19th National Congress of the Communist Party of China that "human harm to nature will eventually hurt human beings themselves. This is an irresistible law". We must have a clear understanding of the spirit of the new era and the goals of the future. There is no room for discussion on any issues concerning the "blue sky defense war. Any project design should ensure the authenticity and accuracy of the original data, ensure that the design basis is consistent with the actual effect, and can not bring endless trouble because of the design problems. At the same time, the design, equipment, operation of each link, who is responsible for the problem.





(Chairman Zheng Peng makes important instructions)

The environmental protection project of Xinyu Coking Plant must be built as an environmental protection benchmark and a window to the whole country. It must use the first-class standards of first-class equipment to ensure that all parameters are qualified and up to standard. At the same time, the environmental protection project must be in accordance with the design requirements of the pipe network inverted construction period to achieve grid connection, can not wait and delay.

In history, there have been problems of poor equipment operation due to unfamiliar technology and irregular equipment operation. We must learn from the past and train employees in place in accordance with operating procedures and operating standards, so that employees can be familiar with the technology, and clearly ignore the hazards of safety training, safety risks, and safety responsibilities. The state of "seemingly doing nothing, doing nothing and doing nothing" is completely changed, with the spirit of "doing real work and working hard, cultivate a group of craftsmen who dare to take responsibility, can take responsibility, fear profession and fear rules.

Chairman Zheng Peng stressed that to develop, we must follow the standards of the new era, and if we do not keep pace with the times, we must eliminate backwardness. The Chief Engineer's Office should set the design according to the international first-class and domestic leading standards, and the engineering material system should set the construction period according to the first-class level and first-class quality. No excuses or reasons can be found. Responsible for thoroughly solving the problem list one by one, boldly proposing heavy standards and heavy assessment for the operation problems of the production plant, forming a complete system of technology, facilities, equipment, supervision and assessment, keeping up with the rhythm and pace of the times, polishing the work with the spirit of craftsmen, creating a new era of Pengfei, building a blue sky guard and striving to be a blue sky guard.