Pengfei Group in China Enterprise Forum loud voice!


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On September 24, the 4th China Enterprise Forum was held in Jinan, Shandong. Pengfei Group entered the China Enterprise Forum and made a loud voice with the attitude of China's transformation "New Hydrogen Year!

Liu Jiayi, Secretary of the Shandong provincial Party committee and director of the Standing Committee of the provincial people's Congress, attended the forum. Li Ganjie, deputy secretary of the Shandong provincial Party committee and governor of Shandong Province, Li Zhaoqian, member of the Party group and vice chairman of the all China Federation of industry and commerce, Yan Wenbin, member of the Party group and vice president of Xinhua news agency, delivered a keynote speech.

Zheng Peng, chairman and president of Pengfei Group, was invited to attend and delivered a keynote speech on the conversion of new and old kinetic energy in the light of Pengfei Group's 28-year transformation, saying that the development of the hydrogen energy industry is a rare opportunity for Shanxi to promote the energy revolution and reduce carbon emissions. During the "14th Five-Year Plan" period, Pengfei Group aimed at the goal of "double carbon", integrated Shanxi coke oven gas enrichment and its own industrial chain advantages, actively explored the high-quality development path of hydrogen energy industry, and built Pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park with great foresight, taking the lead in opening up the hydrogen production path of coke oven gas, which played a demonstration role for the whole province and even the whole country.

It is pointed out that the conversion of new and old kinetic energy into high-quality development refers to the conversion of things that are not suitable for the healthy development of human beings, and its core is innovation. In order to meet the requirements of high-quality transformation and development, Pengfei Group must convert a series of things such as production, life and operation in the past. In the coking process, Pengfei Group must change from small soil coke to small machine coke, to large machine coke, to the current 6.25-meter three-stage heating tamping coke oven, and then to an unmanned intelligent factory with 5G application. From extensive coke industry to refined development, waste gas and waste slag are used to extract environmental protection products methanol and LNG, in particular, the use of coke oven gas to extract hydrogen has taken the lead in opening a new situation in the transformation and development of traditional industries. The whole process is a continuous conversion of new and old kinetic energy. Coke is still the coke of the past, but the production method and operation method have undergone earth-shaking changes. Enterprises, cities, and countries are all the same. Whoever takes the lead, who takes the lead in mastering advanced technology, who takes the lead in using advanced technology, and who takes the lead in using advanced technology better, who will go better and stronger on the road of high-quality development.

During the forum, Chairman Zheng Peng also accepted an exclusive interview with reporters from the Xinhua News Agency and many other media.