Condolences warm the hearts of the people during the festive season. Pengfei has love and true feelings.


Pengfei Rong Media Center


The picture shows the staff of the group's trade union federation condolences to employees in difficulties.


Autumn in September, sweet osmanthus fragrance. At the great moment of the 100 anniversary of the founding of the party, in the atmosphere of reunion during the Mid-Autumn Festival, the General Party Branch of Pengfei Group and the Federation of Trade Unions carried out condolences activities for employees in difficulties, sending them cordial care and holiday blessings.

Lu Xiaofang, director of the general party branch office of Pengfei Group and chairman of Pengfei Trade Union Federation, led Zhang Zhiqiang, secretary of Pengfei Industrial Branch, Lan Suotian, chairman of the trade union of Methanol Heat Source Factory, and Wu Yanling, deputy director of the Party and Mass Office, to visit and sympathize with seven poor workers' families.

In the course of the visit, every household will have a face-to-face and intimate conversation with them, encouraging them to face life actively and give timely feedback when they encounter difficulties in work and life. Pengfei Group will join hands with them to meet a better tomorrow.

"How is your body recovering", "What are the difficulties in your work and life", "Chairman Zheng Peng said that there is no shortage of one"; moon cakes, flour, edible oil, millet, and yuba are heavy. The condolences and the carefully wrapped 1000 yuan condolences are the social responsibility of Pengfei Group for poverty alleviation and relief, and it is also the deep care of Pengfei family for employees.

That evening, Pengfei Group received a thank-you letter from Ren Yugui, one of the poor workers. The content of the letter is not much, but the words reveal Ren Yugui's sincere feelings and full gratitude to the group.

Practice with love and responsibility, warm the difficult groups, and add warmth and warmth to the traditional festival. Through the visit and condolences, Pengfei Group not only has an in-depth understanding of the needs and thoughts of poor employees, but also makes the majority of employees truly feel the warmth of the Pengfei family, and it also demonstrates the mission of Pengfei Group to further promote corporate social responsibility.