Gratitude Cohesion | We Have Strength We Are Happier




Cohesion happiness, Thanksgiving Pengfei. On the evening of September 17, Pengfei Group's 15th Mid-Autumn Festival Tea Party was held ceremoniously in the conference hall of Pengfei Headquarters 5G Central Dispatch Command and Management Platform.

Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, gathered together with the group's middle and senior leaders, employee representatives, and representatives of employees' relatives and friends to spend the festive season and share happiness. At the same time, in response to the current epidemic prevention and control situation, a live video broadcast was set up so that cadres and workers who were not present could continue to pay attention to the party scene.

Love full of Mid-Autumn Festival, happy in Pengfei. This year's Mid-Autumn Tea Party has many highlights and new ideas.

The theme of the whole party is "cohesion of happiness, gratitude to Pengfei", closely linked to key words such as "Mid-Autumn Festival", "reunion" and "happiness". The song and dance performance "asking the bright moon", the song "Autumn meaning Yin", the recitation of "Mid-Autumn Festival words Happiness", the song "Labor creates Pengfei Beauty", the pattern instrumental performance "good luck" and other programs appeared in turn, wonderful.

The scene performance "Reunion Dinner" reproduces warmth and emotion, and the crosstalk performance "Love Full of Heart Field" interprets Pengfei's values.

The climax of the whole party was the lucky draw, and the voice kept rising with the increase of prizes ~

In addition, at the entrance of the venue, there are popular folk art displays such as paper-cutting, sugar man, calligraphy, clay figurine, etc., allowing folk culture to enter the enterprise, allowing traditional Chinese culture and modern corporate culture to be organically integrated, and the employees are eager to try and participate in it. The scene was full of laughter, creating a strong festive atmosphere.

Cohesion is moving, cohesion is gratitude; Thanksgiving cohesion, we have strength, we are stronger, we are happier. At the scene of the party, Chairman Zheng Peng sent Mid-Autumn Festival blessings to his family, and at the same time interpreted the inner meaning of "cohesion of happiness and gratitude to Pengfei.

Every day, every year; Ten thousand years is too long, seize every minute. This evening is the year of Pengfei's management transformation, the time for us to celebrate the happiness of the Mid-Autumn Festival, and the golden autumn season for us to taste the fruits, accumulate experience and forge ahead courageously.

Let our youth and blood become the driving force for us to move forward courageously; let us be grateful, unite, and unite as one to meet one difficulty after another, to create one brilliant miracle after another, and to meet the bright future that belongs to us.