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It is a good time to say that it is a good time in the world. On the full moon and mid-autumn night, Pengfei Group invites you to spend the festive season together and enjoy the good scenery.

This evening party integrates song and dance performance and artistic expression, and takes on the humanistic feelings and values in one furnace, adding a sincere cultural gift to the Mid-Autumn Festival. Through the extreme presentation of various performances, it shows the inheritance and inheritance of Chinese millennium civilization. Innovation depicts a picture of the times full of humanistic care.

Tea party at this time: 2021.9.17 (Friday) 19:00-20:30

Address of tea party: conference hall on the second floor of 5G central dispatching command and management platform of headquarters

Performance form: art evening

On the occasion of the Mid-Autumn Festival, Pengfei Group has also brought you popular folk art. In my spare time, I enjoy the moon, go to the collection and share the beauty of my childhood. A piece of paper, a pair of scissors, seemingly simple movements, can create a pair of exquisite "picture scroll", the Mid-Autumn Festival let us use paper-cut art to pray for you. Scoop a spoonful of syrup and pour it obliquely into the chopping board. The sticky syrup turns into a gold thread and turns it up and down with the gesture. The lifelike sugar man, suddenly before the eyes, the heart? Don't worry, the next stage is Shanxi folk culture: puppets, shadow puppets, clay figurines. Look at the treasures of history and feel the prosperity of life, clay figurines show, enjoy the joy of life, dinner food, play and enjoy, live up to the jubilee of life. Time should not be let down. How can one's heart wait? This Mid-Autumn Festival, come to Pengfei Group to bring the reunion home. I wish the whole family happiness and everything goes well.


Friendly reminder: The epidemic prevention and control situation is still grim, travel keep in mind the "protective kit", vaccinate, wear masks, clean hands