Pengfei Group Reappeared in China Daily Hydrogen Energy Industry Appears in the World


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China Daily


Following the special report of Pengfei 5G digital intelligence central dispatching and command management platform by the national English daily China Daily on March 12, Pengfei hydrogen energy industry was once again listed in China Daily on September 10, allowing the world to see the infinite possibilities of the development of China's hydrogen energy industry.

It is a news organization directly managed by the Foreign Propaganda Office of the State Council. It is the only national English newspaper in China and the only Chinese media that has entered the mainstream Western society.

With the theme of "Taiyuan Energy low-carbon Development Forum held in 2021-Shanxi Energy Revolution plays the strongest voice", the report shows the world China's major achievements in the field of "energy, climate and environment". It conveys China's firm confidence in promoting green and low-carbon development, and also introduces the positive actions of Chinese private enterprises represented by Pengfei Group in exploring the high-quality development path of hydrogen energy industry.

Zheng Peng, chairman and President of Pengfei group, also made a speech in the newspaper in the form of words. At the same time, let the world see Pengfei Group, as one of the earliest enterprises to carry out hydrogen production projects in Shanxi Province, has taken the lead in building Pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park, taking the lead in opening up the hydrogen production path of coke oven gas, and has played an exemplary role in hydrogen production from coke oven gas in the whole province and even the whole country. And Pengfei Group has the best application scenarios, will be around the industrial chain, the formation of hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogen complete chain.

The development of hydrogen energy industry is a rare opportunity for Shanxi to promote the energy revolution and reduce carbon emissions. As a pioneer in the development of the hydrogen energy industry in Lvliang, the Lvliang Municipal Government has given Pengfei support for the "full agency of the commitment system standard" to help Pengfei set an industry benchmark model, realize cluster development and synergy, and lay a solid foundation for Lvliang City to build a domestic advanced hydrogen energy industry base in the future.

Pengfei Group will give full play to the advantages of Luliang hydrogen energy and industrial base, take the lead in mastering hydrogen energy technology, and further promote it in the local and surrounding areas, so as to contribute to the construction of the "three ports" of hydrogen energy supply, technology research and development, equipment manufacturing and the development of the hydrogen energy industry in Luliang City.