Luliang Municipal Government strongly supports the development of Pengfei hydrogen energy industry


Pengfei Rong Media Center


On September 7, Zhang Guangyong, deputy secretary of the Luliang Municipal Party Committee and Mayor, made a special trip to hold an important meeting on the development of the hydrogen energy industry in Luliang City to listen to a special report on the Pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park project by Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group. The comrades at the meeting discussed the promotion and future development direction of the hydrogen energy industry in Luliang City.

The main leading comrades of Luliang City, Xiaoyi City Government and functional departments at all levels attended the meeting.

Zhang Guangyong pointed out that hydrogen energy is recognized as one of the most ideal clean energy sources in the world, and it is also one of the key paths for my country to promote energy structure reform and achieve the "double carbon" goal. Luliang's development of hydrogen energy industry has outstanding advantages and great potential.

Pengfei Group actively responds to the national "30 · 60" goal, implements the specific arrangements and deployments of the municipal party committee and government, and the spirit of daring to work and pioneering is worth learning from the city's energy companies.

Xiaoyi municipal government and relevant municipal functional departments should give support to outstanding local enterprises and projects such as Pengfei, take the lead in setting up industry benchmarking models, realize cluster development and synergy, and lay a solid foundation for Luliang to build a domestic advanced hydrogen energy industry base in the future.‍

In the report, Chairman Zheng Peng clearly put forward the goal of building a hydrogen energy industry chain in an all-round way, making Pengwan Hydrogen Port a port of hydrogen energy supply, a port of hydrogen energy equipment, and a port of hydrogen energy technology research and development, and making Luliang City a national and even global demonstration role of the northern hydrogen port.

Chairman Zheng Peng also introduced a series of cooperation with various groups and universities, and made a detailed report on the current project progress and land procedures that need the support of governments and functional departments at all levels.

He said that Pengfei Group will promote green technological innovation through project construction, and pursue "addition effect" and "multiplication effect", and realize multiple enhancement of economic value, social value and ecological value through "green industry +.