Pengfei Group Launching Block Chain-Digital Transformation Seminar


Pengfei Rong Media Center



On August 31, Zhu Jiaming, an economist and chairman of the academic and Technical Committee of the Institute of Digital assets, and his entourage came to Pengfei Group to investigate the digital construction and intelligent achievements of the group company. Zheng Peng, chairman and president of Pengfei Group, and relevant leaders attended the forum.

Professor Zhu Jiaming affirmed the advanced consciousness of Pengfei Group's development and the achievements in domestic coke, equipment and intelligence, and enthusiastically gave a guiding technical plan for the difficulties encountered in Pengfei's digital process.

Economist and Chairman of the Academic and Technical Committee of the Digital Asset Institute (CIDA). Books: From Freedom to Monopoly: Two Thousand Years of China's Monetary Economy, Libra: A Financial Innovation Experiment, The Future Determines Now

On September 1, Professor Zhu Jiaming gave a special lecture on block chain-digital transformation, explaining from a macro perspective and insights how block chain can enable the digital transformation of enterprises, and teach and solve doubts for all middle and high-level cadres of the group company.

Zhu Jiaming comprehensively analyzed the importance of digital transformation in solving the problems of enterprise transparency and cost management through four small topics: "the history and trend of industrial digitization and digital industrialization", "industrial digitization and digital industrialization are the foundation of digital economy", "digital economy profoundly changes the traditional enterprise organization mode" and "digital economy leads to management revolution", combined with typical cases of Huawei, Meituan and SF, for everyone to bring cutting-edge views and wisdom to share.

Before the meeting, Zhu Jiaming and his entourage also visited Pengfei Coking Plant, Methanol Plant, 5G Central Dispatching and Command Management Platform and Digital Exhibition Hall.