Cultural Empowerment | Pengfei Group Corporate Culture First Publicity Officially Launched


Pengfei Rong Media Center



On August 23, the first tour lecture on the core spirit of corporate culture was officially launched. Stimulate morale, build consensus, draw strength, and practice.

Zheng Peng, chairman and president of the board of directors of Pengfei Group, as well as leaders at all levels of the group and employees of various systems attended the meeting in batches.

The eight corporate culture speakers took Pengfei's development history, model representatives, and typical deeds as examples, and conveyed the core spirit of the company to every Pengfei person by telling stories.

Among them, there are Dong Qinliang, a national model worker who walked from Pengfei to the Great Hall of the People, Hao Pengfei, who is more concentric with Pengfei's same name, and Pengfei's spirit, who created the miracle of civilization on the spot for 36 hours. They used simple language, sincere emotions, and vivid stories to interpret Pengfei's 28 years of rich cultural accumulation and excellent cultural essence.

Pressure did not overwhelm justice, and tribulations did not defeat Endeavour. In this 28-year journey of wind and rain, Pengfei people have won the present and the past, earth-shaking and generous, accompanied Pengfei step by step to the big stage, to the Great Hall, to the big world! What is Pengfei? Pengfei is as long as you are willing, everything is possible!

In the name of Peng Feiren, industry to serve the country! Hearts to the party! Today's brilliant look at Pengfei! Tomorrow Pengfei will be more brilliant! A poem recitation of "Pengfei, I Want to Say to You" pushed the atmosphere of the scene to a climax.

Chairman Zheng Peng congratulated the successful conclusion of the first lecture on the core spirit of corporate culture. It is believed that this activity is a preaching that inspires the depths of the soul and a preaching that awakens loyalty, justice and love.

He said that the significance of this lecture is to let the fruit of Pengfei spirit stimulate the enthusiasm of every Pengfei person to stand on his post and take root in his career, so as to become a better Pengfei person. It is hoped that through this round of tour propaganda activities, Pengfei spirit will be deeply imprinted into the minds of all Pengfei people, engraved in the hearts of all Pengfei people, and practiced in the actual actions of all Pengfei people, so that the booming Pengfei cause can empower all Pengfei people.

After 20 years of magnificent waves, the spirit of Pengfei will last forever. With the successful holding of the first lecture, the core spirit of corporate culture aroused a warm response among the audience, deepened everyone's understanding of corporate culture, and stimulated everyone's enthusiasm for actively learning corporate culture.

I was deeply inspired and encouraged by this lecture. All of you, the first model figures, made me more deeply understand that my efforts are far from enough. As a Pengfei, I feel proud from the bottom of my heart. I will cherish every day in Pengfei in my future work, work hard and move forward bravely.

Hao Pengfei was deeply touched by this preaching. I can understand that there is indeed a lot of pressure in his position, but he still adhered to justice under the pressure, which made me more moved. We need such preaching and such an example to inspire every employee and every Pengfei person to continue to shine and contribute their own strength in their posts, so that the Pengfei spirit can empower every Pengfei person!

After listening to this lecture, Cheng Jing's story made me feel the same. As a veteran, I once hesitated about my value. I chose Pengfei, in fact, Pengfei chose me. I am very proud and grateful to have such an opportunity to continue to shine in Pengfei in my good time.

For the first time, I was very excited and nervous. I hope that the next time I will make persistent efforts, with the fullest enthusiasm and the best expression, we will continue to pass on the core spirit of our corporate culture to every place and to the hearts of every Pengfei.

Through this lecture, everyone said one after another that they would earnestly implement Pengfei's spirit into their work, so as to apply what they have learned, to promote learning, to learn and to use each other, to gather a strong joint force to build Pengfei's cause with practical actions, to create an enterprise team with strong management, professional hard and skilled skills, and to enable Pengfei's spirit to empower Pengfei's cause and every Pengfei person. Pengfei is strong, Pengfei is strong, Pengfei is strong!