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It has been five days since the beginning of autumn, the first solar term in autumn ~ although the temperature has dropped a few days ago, please pay attention! Attention, please! Attention, please! (Say important things three times) beginning of autumn ≠ autumn, which does not mean that the hot weather is over. Next week, the highest temperature in some parts of Shanxi will return to 35 ℃! The "ferocious" autumn tiger is coming?

The beginning of autumn does not mean that the hot weather is over. The beginning of autumn is still in the hot period, and the heat has not yet come out. The second solar term in autumn (the heat of the summer) comes out. The weather is still very hot during the early autumn. The so-called "heat is in three volts", and there is a saying that "one volt after autumn", and there will be at least "one volt" after the beginning of autumn. According to the calculation method of "three volts", the day of "beginning of autumn" is often still in the mid-volt period, that is to say, the heat is not over, and the real coolness is usually after the Bailu solar term. The watershed between hot and cool is not in the beginning of autumn solar term.

The high temperature is still continuing. The hard-working Pengfei people are fighting in the front line, forging ahead in the front line, fighting the high temperature, fighting the scorching heat, ensuring safety, seizing high yield, carrying the responsibility and responsibility on their shoulders and bringing green energy into life.