Shanxi (Luliang) Hydrogen Energy Industry Planning Demonstration Meeting Held in Pengfei Group


Pengfei Rong Media Center


On August 4, Xiaoyi Economic Development Zone organized a demonstration meeting on Shanxi (Luliang) hydrogen energy industry planning in Pengfei Group, inviting representatives of outstanding enterprises from home and abroad cooperating with Pengfei to participate in the video conference to give suggestions for building Shanxi (Luliang) hydrogen energy industry demonstration base-Pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park.

Zhang Youquan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Xiaoyi Economic Development Zone, Wu Jianfei, Assistant Director, Liang Hong, Director of Xiaoyi Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology, and Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, attended the meeting and delivered speeches.

At the meeting, representatives of 7 enterprises, including German TÜV Group, American Charter (Changzhou) Co., Ltd., Sino-French joint venture Houpu Co., Ltd., Saiding Design Institute, China Group, Dongfang Electric, Shenneng Group, etc., made speeches in turn on 10 planning and discussion topics, including hydrogen production, hydrogen storage, hydrogenation, hydrogen transportation, hydrogen use, hydrogen fuel industry, hydrogen energy industry research, industry preferential policies, industry standards, and hydrogen heavy trucks, combined with the international and domestic economic development situation and the future hydrogen energy development trend, relying on the advantages of their respective enterprises, put forward reasonable suggestions for the development of Shanxi (Luliang) hydrogen energy industry demonstration park-Pengwan hydrogen port industry.

Liang Hong said that the Municipal Bureau of Industry and Information Technology will do its best to provide good services and hopes that all enterprises will take the "four lead" (take the lead in building a hydrogen energy industry chain application scenario in the whole city; Take the lead in the formulation of safety evaluation system in the whole city; Take the lead in building a management system for hydrogen energy scenes in the whole city; Take the lead in integrating the world's most advanced hydrogen energy industry technology in the whole city) to do a good industrial planning layout of Pengwan hydrogen port and assist Pengfei.

Wu Jianfei analyzed Xiaoyi's advantages in hydrogen production cost, scenario application and policy support as the country's largest coke oven gas hydrogen production base, and took hydrogen heavy truck vehicles as an example to share the planning and layout ideas of the city's hydrogen heavy truck vehicles and hydrogenation stations in the next 3-5 years, led by Pengfei.

Chairman Zheng Peng hopes that the representatives of the participating enterprises will aim at "realizing the first landing of the hydrogen energy heavy truck application scenario in Xiaoyi on January 1, 2022" and make various contributions and add advantages to create a hydrogen energy industry application scenario based on Xiaoyi, radiating Luliang, leading Shanxi and even the whole country, and seize the development opportunity of the future energy revolution with the most advanced technology, application scenario and demonstration standards.

Zhang Yuquan put forward opinions from the aspects of industrial park planning and positioning, industrial development path, key projects and key element support, policy guarantee, etc. He hoped that the participating experts would plan the future of hydrogen energy development from their respective professional perspectives with a flexible and diversified cooperation mode of "not asking for everything, but for what you use". He believed that by participating in today's demonstration meeting, all parties in government and enterprises would rely on Pengwan Hydrogen Port Hydrogen Energy Industrial Park, build Shanxi (Luliang) hydrogen energy industry demonstration park more firm confidence.

The meeting decided that Saiding Design Institute would integrate the participants' speeches and suggestions, draft the corresponding report within one week and submit it to xiaoyi city and Luliang city governments, so as to promote the province's hydrogen energy industry to take the lead in new roads and successfully transform the energy revolution.‍