August 1 Army Day | Retired from the army does not fade, a new era of meritorious service


Pengfei Rong Media Center



"The people's army has always been a heroic army that the party and the people can completely trust."

A military uniform, holding up the rising sun of the motherland; a passion, guarding the place where the motherland needs most; a belief, flying to convey the dream of peace. This is the people's army, 94 years of vicissitudes, the red army soul forever shine! In this special festival, salute to the most lovely people!

"I used to be a soldier, took off my military uniform, changed into a uniform, never forgot my years in the army, and kept my mission in mind. The two uniforms will never fade."

The veterans of Pengfei Group write responsibility with responsibility, and their words and deeds show the true demeanor of veterans who "retire without fading. In the barracks, they are ironclad soldiers; in the enterprise, they are conscientious and advanced; they do not humiliate the mission of the country, live up to the trust of the enterprise, listen to the party's command, care about Pengfei, and serve the people wholeheartedly.

Once upon a time, he was dressed in military uniform and went to the barracks with high spirit and dreams of building the Great Wall. Now, as a Pengfei in the new era, Do not forget your initiative mind still has a strong mission and political loyalty to follow the Party. Be willing to contribute, have the courage to take responsibility, strive for self-improvement!

"Supporting the army to consolidate national defense, developing and promoting the army", Pengfei Group has developed from simply supporting the army in life to a new level of supporting the army in intelligence and skills. It gives priority to providing retired soldiers with job and technical support and life subsidies, and strives to combine the support of the army and the promotion of the group's accelerated development, so as to achieve the double development of supporting the army and loving the enterprise.