Party Building | Lv Xiaofang: Party Building Leads to Stimulate Women's Strength


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"Do small things carefully and do small things thoroughly." This is Lu Xiaofang's strict self-discipline work guidelines. Lu Xiaofang is the administrative deputy general manager of Shanxi Pengfei Group, and concurrently serves as the chairman of the Pengfei Group Women's Federation and the chairman of the Trade Union Federation. "There is no moving rhetoric, only the unremitting efforts of bowing forward." This is a summary of Lu Xiaofang's 20 years of work, and the valuable qualities of being a real person.

Lu Xiaofang joined the work in 2000 and joined the Communist Party of China in 2018. She witnessed the development of Pengfei Group from small to large, from weak to strong, and made positive contributions in the process of Pengfei Group's efforts to build party and strengthen enterprises. She built the party organization on the front line of production, and set up party branches in 10 subsidiaries such as Shanxi shichen trading co., ltd., xinyu coal coke co., ltd. and shengshi fuyuan methanol manufacturing co., ltd. to achieve full coverage of the party organization. Ten party groups, including pioneering and enterprising, assault pioneers, accounting pioneers, innovative production, electrical instrument assault and love service, were set up in the headquarters according to departments, workshops and technical reform frontiers, it has formed an organizational structure from horizontal to edge and vertical to the bottom, further realizing the full coverage of the party organization.

The Pengfei Party Branch is a well-known party building brand in the province. Under the leadership of Lu Xiaofang, the party building work has carried out position construction and transformation many times in recent years. In 2017, Party member conference rooms, Party member training rooms, Party member activity rooms, elegant demeanour display rooms and other places will be built to provide a solid guarantee for the full realization of the three basic construction. In 2019, since the launch of the theme education of "Do not forget your initiative mind Keeping in Mind Mission", Pengfei Party General Branch has carried out theme education in combination with the characteristics of the enterprise, and selected the stories of the first-time figures to be listed on the wall. In 2020, an investment of 150000 yuan will be further upgraded, focusing on the Party building, lu Xiaofang's slogans such as "One oath, answer for a lifetime" and "Party building is productivity" have always awakened the party spirit consciousness of party members, and provided a strong position guarantee and ideological guarantee for the party organization's decision-making and deployment, party members' study and education, and activities.

Bright identity, bright standards, bright commitment, than learning, than style, than contribution, strive to be a pioneer. Lu Xiaofang insists on organizing a study and practice discussion once a month, carrying out the "eight most" selection activities at the end of each month, and each party branch carries out a "ten-star" evaluation of party members every quarter, and strives to make every party member shine in their respective posts. Under her leadership, A number of advanced figures have emerged one after another, such as "clean government supervisor" Hao Pengfei, "obstacle clearance expert" Jia Xiaolu, "warm-blooded security" Wei Qiang, and "bosom friend elder sister" Liu Junping. At the same time, it has also strengthened the centripetal force, cohesion and combat effectiveness of the party organization, and formed a working atmosphere of "comparing, learning, catching up and surpassing" in the group. At the same time, in order to strengthen the education and management of the employment of peasant party members in enterprises and the introduction of talented party members, and strive to solve the practical problem of "two ends of management and two loose ends", she followed the model of "one party subordination and dual management" to implement unified integration of 66 mobile party members into the branch, Unified education services, unified supervision and management, unified assessment and evaluation, unified communication and feedback "Five Unification" management methods, feedback to the party organization where the mobile party member organization relationship is located once a month. At the same time, 85 posts in ten categories, such as "vanguard post of Party members", "demonstration post of Party members" and "mediation post of Party members", will be set up to guide Party members to strive for excellence in promoting enterprise development, grasping safe production, ensuring product quality, promoting technological innovation, and implementing energy conservation and emission reduction.

Since Lu Xiaofang served as the chairman of the Group Trade Union Federation and the Women's Federation, she has actively organized and carried out a series of activities such as "Party-Mass United Learning", "Learning Pengfei Spirit Speech", "Party members walking ahead and setting an example in everything", and proposed "Party building" Leading, united front cohesion, group follow-up, and creating brilliance together "work ideas. Adhere to the party building and lead the construction, give full play to the functions of the trade union, create a "legal position for employees" to carry out legal education for employees, and help employees know the law and understand the law better. Through the creation of standardized staff apartments, staff leisure and entertainment venues and other warm-hearted projects to enhance the happiness of employees, through the development of essay, reading salon and other activities to meet the spiritual and cultural needs of employees. Adhere to party building and lead women's construction, send welfare, blessings, medical examinations, and give lectures every year on the "March 8th" festival, and earnestly do practical things, do good deeds, and solve problems for women employees in their work. In addition, it has also included supporting the army and special care into the goal of party building work, assisted the Xiaoyi City People's Armed Forces Department to participate in national defense construction, and joined the militia queue of the Xiaoyi City People's Armed Forces Department; through uniting and uniting various personnel of the enterprise, establishing a corporate culture, and providing human resources and intelligence for the development of the enterprise Guarantee to achieve the mission goal of the party and the masses to help the development of the enterprise.

In recent years, under the leadership of Lu Xiaofang, Pengfei Group has made great achievements in party-mass work. The general party branch has won the honorary title of "Shanxi Province Party Building Education Demonstration Base" and the title of advanced grass-roots party organization in Xiaoyi City. The Federation of Trade Unions has won the honorary title of "Home of Model Workers in Shanxi Province" and "The Most Beautiful Workers' Collective in Xiaoyi City", and the Women's Federation has won the honorary title of "Advanced Collective" Municipal Women's Federation.

"As a party worker, I will continue to improve my personal and political qualities, promote the continuous improvement of party building work and enterprise development, and continuously transform the party's political advantages, organizational advantages, and close ties with the masses into corporate governance advantages and market competitive advantages." Lv Xiaofang said.