[Honor] Zheng Peng was awarded the honorary title of "Top Ten Private Entrepreneurs" in Luliang City; Zheng Tiancheng was awarded the honorary title of "Top Ten Outstanding Young Entrepreneurs" in Luliang City


Pengfei Rong Media Center


On July 14, Zheng Peng, chairman and President of Shanxi Pengfei group, and Zheng Tiancheng, assistant to the general manager of supply and marketing, won the honorary titles of "top ten private entrepreneurs" and "top ten outstanding young entrepreneurs" in the tree selection award ceremony of "top ten scientific and technological innovation figures, top ten private entrepreneurs, top ten outstanding young entrepreneurs, outstanding private entrepreneurs and outstanding young entrepreneurs" in Luliang City, 2021.

Hao Jianxin, vice chairman of Shanxi Association for science and technology, Zhang Jianguo, deputy director of the Standing Committee of Luliang Municipal People's Congress, and Xue Baiping, Secretary of the Party group and chairman of Luliang Science and Technology Association, attended and presented awards to the winners.

The leader and management backbone of Pengfei Group can win this honor, which is the high recognition of Pengfei's work and achievements in 2021 by the provincial association. It benefits from the determination of the enterprise to follow the party unswervingly and the correct and scientific green transformation and development path of the enterprise. Pengfei will also take this opportunity to be the leader of the demonstration, keep up with the pace of the party, adhere to innovative development, and contribute Pengfei's strength to the construction of Luliang and even the province's high-quality and high-speed development!