Luliang Clean Energy Base and Xiaoyi New Coal Chemical People's Congress Representative Liaison Station was established by Pengfei Group


Pengfei Rong Media Center


On July 11, the listing ceremony of Luliang Clean Energy Base and Xiaoyi New Coal Chemical Industry People's Congress Liaison Station was held in the multifunctional conference hall of Pengfei Headquarters 5G Central Dispatching and Command Management Platform!

The establishment of the Luliang City Clean Energy Base and the Xiaoyi City New Coal Chemical People's Congress Representative Liaison Station marks that deputies to the people's congresses at all levels have opened up another important channel in serving enterprises, understanding people's sentiments, and gathering public opinions. The healthy development of the energy base helps focus on "six new breakthroughs", build "nine bases", and build "five Luliang" to make unique contributions.

Liu Zhenguo, Director of the Standing Committee of the Luliang Municipal People's Congress, Liang Zhiyong, Member of the Standing Committee of the Luliang Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee, Sun Jinjun, Deputy Director of the Standing Committee of the Luliang Municipal People's Congress Yang Jucai, Deputy Mayor of Luliang City Yang Guang, Director of the Standing Committee of the Municipal People's Congress Li Diansheng, Vice President of Zhejiang University and Distinguished Professor Huang Xianhai of "Yangtze River Scholars.

Yang Guang requested that all departments at all levels actively cooperate in the service guarantee work, continuously expand the functions of the clean energy base and the new coal chemical industry representative liaison station, attract talents for the development of enterprises, and help entrepreneurs solve problems; Pengfei Group, as a clean energy industry in Luliang The leading enterprise in China must continue to play the role of technological innovation engine, be the vanguard and leader of the clean energy revolution, and develop together with enterprises in the industry, boost the development of clean energy and coal chemical industry in Luliang City to a new level, and contribute to the city's high-quality development.

Liu Zhengguo stressed that building a good station is the first step, and the ultimate goal is to make good use of the station. Through carrying out activities, we should gather professional problems, comprehensive expert advice, concentrate professional strength, solve enterprise problems, help industrial revitalization and promote transformation and development; we should improve our standing position, deeply understand the great significance of building a station, take the initiative, actively organize effective activities, strengthen security, and give full play to the important role of liaison station; we should take this activity as the starting point, sound the clarion call for the transition to clean energy, keep in mind the original mission, improve the ability to perform duties, and actively work hard to show greater representative value, responsibility and strength in the transformation and development, so as to contribute more people's great wisdom to the "14th Five-Year Plan" transformation of our city!

Zheng Peng reported on the preparations for the liaison station and its work plans. It is believed that the location of the liaison station is Pengfei's luck, and it is the full affirmation of Pengfei's achievements in transformation and development and clean energy system construction. Pengfei will take this opportunity to further innovate and explore, give full play to the role of the NPC deputy liaison station as a carrier and platform, gather representative forces, encourage representatives to perform their duties, and earnestly achieve new measures to perform their duties, new improvements to play their roles, and self-construction There is a new look, and strive to build the clean energy base NPC deputy liaison station into a "national first-class, Sanjin first" representative liaison station to better serve the construction of Luliang clean energy base, to better serve the high-quality economic development of Luliang.

Liang Zhiyong and Yang Jucai jointly unveiled the liaison station for deputies to the National People's Congress of Luliang Clean Energy Base.

Yang Guang and Zheng Peng jointly unveiled the professional liaison station for deputies to the new coal chemical industry people's congress in Xiaoyi city.

Sun Jinjun, deputy director of the Standing Committee of the Luliang Municipal People's Congress, issued certificates to Lu Jie, Han Yizhuo, Ren Erping, and Liu Yudong.

After the successful conclusion of the unveiling ceremony, Zheng Peng presided over the first activity of the liaison station and invited Professor Huang Xianhai to give a special lecture entitled "Analysis and Prospect of Macroeconomic Situation at Home and Abroad.

Huang Xianhai explained in detail from seven aspects, including the recovery growth of the world economy after the deep recession, China's economy, the judgment of the trend of Sino-US relations, the new development pattern of the double cycle, and the analysis of innovation-driven strategies, which further enhanced the leaders' accurate grasp of the macroeconomic situation at home and abroad.

Lvliang City Clean Energy Base People's Congress Representative Liaison Station and Xiaoyi City New Coal Chemical Industry People's Congress Representative Professional Liaison Station implement two brands, a set of institutional personnel, office and information equipment, various rules and regulations, activity plans and other software and hardware basic guarantee is good, in addition to this special lecture, will also carry out a series of activities such as September observation, November topic reception, December reply feedback, etc, strive to build the liaison station into a "reception station" for NPC deputies to give full play to their professional advantages, a "service station" for Luliang enterprises to provide industrial development trends and professional technology, a "workstation" for representatives to perform their duties, and a "station" for industry practitioners to improve their capabilities. "Charging station", a "propaganda station" to expand the awareness of clean energy industry policies, and truly give play to the effectiveness and influence of the liaison station of the NPC deputies.