Today's little summer | May you be as bright as the summer sun


Pengfei Rong Media Center



Today ushered in a small summer solar term, marking the summer debut. As the saying goes, "after a little summer heat, it's three points hot every day". The weather has changed from dry and hot to sultry. The "sauna mode" is about to start. Are you ready?

Under the grass-roots level, visit workers, emotional relationship, send cool. In order to do a good job of heatstroke prevention and cooling of grass-roots employees in summer high temperature weather, effectively protect the health of employees and promote safe production. Recently, Pengfei Group, as the "mother's family" of employees, has carried out in-depth activities of "sending coolness in summer", sending mung beans, rock sugar, tea and other summer relief materials to everyone, taking practical actions to care for grass-roots front-line employees and ensure that employees spend the summer safely. In addition, starting tomorrow and the day after tomorrow, the staff restaurant will also start to provide mung bean soup and heatstroke prevention drinks for everyone, both of which are free of charge. Go and have a look!



The measure of sending coolness in summer has achieved the actual effect of "starting from the heart and arriving with love. For a long time, Pengfei Group has taken "creating happiness for those who care about Pengfei's cause" as its mission, focusing on the needs of employees, safeguarding the rights and interests of employees, and sending all aspects of welfare to everyone.

Actively carry out "sending cool in summer", comprehensively strengthen the service level of enterprises, always start with the problems that the staff and workers are most concerned about and look forward to solving, constantly innovate service means, improve service accuracy, and use the most powerful measures to do good things well, do practical things, pass the warmth of the enterprise to the hearts of the staff and workers, and truly become the trusted, reliable and inseparable confidant, caring person and mother's family, Write a new era with the staff.

The scorching sun pays tribute to the high-temperature workers who stick to their posts and contribute silently! Thank you for your silent efforts, you have worked hard!