Party History Learning Education | Provincial Party Committee Party History Learning Education Tour Guidance Group Visited Pengfei for Supervision and Inspection


Pengfei Rong Media Center

The picture shows the provincial party committee's party history study and education tour guidance group coming to Pengfei for supervision and inspection.


On June 24, Wang Shuicheng, the leader of the fourth group of the Provincial Party History Study and Education Tour Steering Group, the former party secretary and director of the Provincial Department of Justice, led a team to Pengfei Group to conduct supervision on the development of party history study and education and the implementation of tasks. Inspection, to promote the learning and education of party history to be in-depth and effective.

Liang Zhiyong, member of the Standing Committee of the Luliang Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee, accompanied by Wang Xiuxia, member of the Standing Committee of the Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee and Minister of Propaganda. Zheng Peng, chairman of the board of directors of Shanxi Pengfei Group, warmly received.

The tour guidance group of the provincial party Committee visited Pengfei 5G central dispatching and command management platform and the party-mass service center to learn about the development of Pengfei group's party history learning and education. He also fully affirmed the development of Pengfei's party history study and education work, and highly praised Pengfei Group for insisting on party building to lead the development of the enterprise, always listening to the party, and following the party for 28 years.

Wang Shuicheng said, "Pengfei Group is a particularly good private enterprise". There are three reasons: Zheng Peng, secretary of the Party branch of 1. Pengfei Group, attaches great importance to party building work, is absolutely loyal to the party, deeply integrates party building work with enterprise development, and uses party building to guide, lead, and transform enterprises; 2. Pengfei's corporate culture and core The spirit is rich and always represents the interests of enterprises and employees; 3. as the largest private enterprise in Xiaoyi City, Pengfei Group is an important support for the economic development of Xiaoyi City, it has laid a solid foundation for the high-quality transformation and development of Xiaoyi City and the opening of a new bureau during the 14th Five-Year Plan.

Wang Shuicheng has deep expectations for Pengfei Group's enterprise development and party building leadership. It is hoped that Pengfei Group will continue to push forward the study and education of party history. At the same time, Pengfei Group is also expected to realize "three leads"-leading Xiaoyi, leading Lvliang and leading Shanxi.

Always follow the party and strive for a new journey. Pengfei Group will further improve its political status, shoulder political responsibility, and achieve unity of knowledge and action. With higher standards, more practical measures, and stricter requirements, we should organize and carry out the study and education of party history up and down the group, do a good job in the work of development and stability, unswervingly listen to and follow the party, make contributions in the great practice of building a socialist modern country in an all-round way, and celebrate the centenary of the party with outstanding achievements.