Father's Day | Father's love is like a mountain, deep and shallow!


Pengfei Rong Media Center



My father is a coal coke worker. He has the simplicity of Chinese people, the tenacity of industrial workers and the feeling of licking calves for his children. He is a kind and kind father. As a father, what he cares most about in his heart is his children. He wants to do everything possible to strive for a better life, a better learning and growth environment for his children. Although he is doing the hardest and most tiring work, his love for his children is not inferior.

He seldom eats with his family. I often sleep when he comes home. However, I love him very much. I won't blame him for not answering the phone. I won't blame him for having rough and calloused hands. Because I know that he is working hard to support a family.

The camera turns to the dispatch and command center. Here is a group of the most beautiful defenders who guard everyone's life and safety day and night. Through the satellite positioning system, they can see everything on one screen and video everything, so as to realize the "visible" and "accurate" of machines, employees and safety, screen and analyze and prevent key points and hidden dangers, so as to ensure the safety of each of our employees. They are also the best fathers.

I know that there are thousands of fathers in the world who give up a lot of time to be with their families in order to work. They span many industries and positions, but they are all excellent craftsmen. Some of them are migrant workers, the backbone of their families, and the main force of the enterprise.

For every family, the biggest worry is the safety of the father. For Pengfei Group, the safety of employees is also the greatest benefit and responsibility of the enterprise. I hope that every father in our company can establish a good safety awareness when he is working, and urge each other's workers and colleagues to attach importance to safety.

Paying tribute to the fathers who fought in various posts on Father's Day and all the employees who care about Pengfei's cause. Happy Father's Day, happiness and well-being!

Only when you drink tea can you know how fragrant it is, and only when you are father can you know how to love deeply. We are used to expressing maternal love and we are used to relying on our parents. Some things, when we are young, can not understand. When we understand, we are no longer young. There are some things in the world that can be made up for, and some things that can never be made up. Therefore, don't wait, cherish the people in front of you, and filial piety takes advantage of the present.

In this festival that belongs to the father, send their blessings to the father, and send the most sincere blessings to the man who has been fighting for the family all his life: I wish every father good health and all the best.