[Learning Party History, Keeping Initial Heart, Drawing Strength and Undertaking Mission] Pengfei Group Launching Party History Learning Education Report


Pengfei Rong Media Center



On the morning of June 6, the Party History Learning and Education Report hosted by Pengfei Group was held in the multifunctional conference hall of the 5G Central Dispatching and Command Management Platform. Luo Pinghan, a member of the Central Propaganda Group and director of the CPC History Teaching and Research Department of the Central Party School, was specially invited to give a presentation report. Help enterprise cadres and employees to "supplement calcium" ideologically, "refuel" politically, and "pressurize" in action ".

Pengfei Group Chairman and President Zheng Peng presided over the meeting. Zhang Youquan, Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee and Deputy Director of the Management Committee of Xiaoyi Economic Development Zone, Li Yingbin, Full-time Deputy Secretary of the Party Working Committee, Wu Jianfei, Assistant Director of the Management Committee, Liu Haitao, Member of the Party Working Committee, middle and senior leaders of the group company, all party members and employee representatives participated in the study.

Luo Pinghan is currently the director, professor, and doctoral supervisor of the CPC History Teaching and Research Department of the Central Party School. He has been selected as a national candidate for the New Century Talent Project, "four batches" of talents in the national propaganda and cultural system, and a leading talent in philosophy and social sciences.

At the report meeting, Luo Pinghan led everyone to recall the century-old struggle of the Communist Party of China with the title of "The Struggle and Fine Tradition of the Communist Party of China", and truly felt the ups and downs of the Communist Party of China and the glorious course created by the Communist Party of China.

Zhang Youquan pointed out that through this party history education, the emphasis is on exploring how to always maintain the party's advanced nature, purity and youthful vitality. It is emphasized that party members and cadres should not only be good organizers and promoters of party history study and education, but also be good participants and practitioners, and play an exemplary role.

Chairman Zheng Peng expressed his sincere gratitude to Professor Luo Pinghan, who was busy in his busy schedule. He said that to cherish this learning opportunity and deeply understand the fine tradition of the Communist Party of China, Pengfei is facing increasingly arduous tasks and severe challenges. He must keep in mind the purpose of the party, take this party history education as an opportunity, strictly demand himself in thought and soul, and set the standards of Communists, the real realization of "party building is productivity" into the mind into the heart.

Hao Pengfei, Party Branch Secretary of Pengfei Group Shanda Coal Coke Co., Ltd:

In the future work, I will lead all the party members and comrades of the branch to strictly demand myself and the party members and comrades of the branch based on the standards of the advanced nature, purity and eternal youth of the party members.

Xing Ruihui, Deputy Secretary of the Temporary Party Branch of Pengfei Group's Corporate Culture Co-creation Project:

According to the good style and tradition of our party, we should bring these into our future work, so as to make the party building and enterprise culture construction of Pengfei group better.

Pengfei Group Party Branch Secretary Zheng Peng:

People's yearning for a better life is a direction for enterprises to continue to develop and grow. We must fully learn the history of the party, closely follow the leadership of the party, give full play to the role of private enterprises, and truly integrate party building as productivity into the actions of every team and everyone, and truly implement the advanced nature and purity, and always Maintain youthful vitality. In terms of everyone's standards, do a good job in the standards of party members, and make everything domestically leading and internationally advanced.

Pengfei Group insists that party building is productivity. The purpose of this party history study and education lecture is to enable the majority of cadres and workers to further strengthen their ideals and beliefs, establish a strong sense of purpose, closely combine the guidance of party building with economic development, and learn party history, understand ideas, do practical things, and open a new bureau in the transformation and leap forward in the new era.