"Three Red Flowers Open Lvliang" Series Reports ④ Industry Red, Xiaoyi: Transformation and Upgrading "Strong Bones"


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In early summer, the waves of the Xiao River are rippling, the reeds are swaying in the distance, the blue sky and white clouds are reflected on the clear water, and the tide of reform is surging in the land of Shengxi. In the first year of the 14th Five-Year Plan, Xiaoyi's innovation engine burst into vitality and promoted high-quality development.

Located in the clean coal greenhouse of Xiaoyi Jinda Coal Chemical Technology Co., Ltd., piles of clean coal are transported in through conveyor belts and properly stored.

As a fully enclosed arched clean coal greenhouse independently developed by the enterprise, it is 385 meters long, 90 meters wide and 38 meters high, and can store 210000 tons of clean coal. "The greenhouse unit has a large coal storage capacity. In the transportation process, the PLC automatic coal blending control system is used, and the automatic scraper reclaimer is used to realize the unmanned operation on site, solve the continuous and large-scale operation problems of coal transportation, and effectively improve The accuracy and uniformity of coal blending." Liu Mingliang, deputy general manager of the company, said that the greenhouse has achieved remarkable results in dust prevention and coal saving, reducing atmospheric dust pollution and blocking coal dust loss. According to statistics, the greenhouse can save up to 1-20000 tons of coal per year.

The automation of the coal preparation system has played an important role in the company's wrong-peak procurement of clean coal. Liu Mingliang introduced that in the winter of 2020 alone, the company purchased more than 200,000 tons of clean coal in advance when the coal price was low, and the cost was reduced by more than 2000 million yuan.

What does Xiaoyi rely on to realize kinetic energy conversion and industrial upgrading? The answer is "transformation".

Today, Xiaoyi has reduced the coking capacity by 4.51 million tons, eliminated 71.7 million tons of coal washing capacity and 24000 kilowatts of coal generating units with the determination of a strong man to break his wrist. Integrated coal mine production capacity gradually released, advanced production capacity accounted for 87.5. Coking industry in Shanxi Province took the lead into the era of large modern coke oven. To adjust the structure and promote the transformation, the real economy shows the strong foundation of filial piety and daring to be the first.

Industry is the core force to support economic development. During the "Thirteenth Five-Year Plan" period, Xiaoyi City's GDP increased by 5.9, total fiscal revenue increased by 18.9, and the income of urban and rural residents increased by 30.8 and 38.5 respectively. The total amount ranked first in Luliang and the forefront of Shanxi Province.

"We must take transformation as the outline of economic work and various undertakings, fully implement the new development concept, and unswervingly do a good job in high-quality and high-speed transformation and development. We must insist that the green hills will not relax and draw a blueprint to the end." Liang Zhiyong, member of the Standing Committee of the Luliang Municipal Party Committee and Secretary of the Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee, solemnly expressed his position.

Relying on transformation, Xiaoyi's traditional industries are moving towards the middle and high end.

The coal industry has introduced new technologies such as 5G and the Internet of Things, accelerated the intelligent transformation of coal mines, vigorously promoted the transformation of inferior coal into quality steps, and created a number of intelligent demonstration mines;

Coke industry to do a good job of capacity reduction "the second half of the article", accelerate the construction of production capacity under construction, the simultaneous implementation of dry quenching, coke oven gas comprehensive utilization project;

The chemical industry will strengthen the basic chemical industry, accelerate the construction of transformation projects such as coke oven gas hydrogen production, coal tar, cyclohexanone, caprolactam, etc., and build an influential high-end chemical production base in the country......

"The underground operation of intelligent robots is a highlight of our construction of smart mines. Our goal is to build the country's first truly unmanned smart mine." Zheng Peng, Chairman of the Board of Directors of Pengfei Group, is full of confidence.

Pengfei Group, located in Xiaoyi City, was founded in 1993 and its business scope includes raw coal mining, clean coal production, coke smelting, etc. From 2020 onwards, Pengfei Group will carry out 5G smart coal chemical construction in an all-round way. On June 17 of the same year, the group cooperated with China Unicom to establish the "5G Smart Coal Chemical Joint Laboratory". As a key project of the joint laboratory, the smart mine project is stepping up construction.

"The ground gives instructions and the underground machines work." In Pengfei Group's 5G central dispatching command and management platform, the staff clicked the mouse according to the beating of various data on the monitoring screen, and the rolling Wujin left the ground and ran to the ground. Advanced concepts, emerging technologies and intelligent mining are the true portrayal of the construction of intelligent mines. In the next step, the group actively cooperates with scientific research institutes to develop and research advanced technical equipment such as intelligent tile inspection robots, gangue sorting robots, drilling robots, etc., to help coal mine production take advantage of the "smart cloud".

In Xiaoyi, new steps have been taken in transformation and upgrading, and the pace of conversion of new and old kinetic energy is getting faster and faster.

As a local traditional resource-based enterprise, Shanxi Jinhui Group laid out new materials and new technologies, combined with its own situation, chose biodegradable plastics, and established Jinhui Zhaolong High-tech Co., Ltd. in 2012.

"Green is the concept of development, but also active practice. We regard green innovation as the driving force of enterprise development and promote the development and application of biodegradation science." Jinhui Zhaolong Chairman Li Yajuan said. The biodegradable plastics produced by the company are suitable for making all kinds of disposable film materials, such as shopping bags, garbage bags, express bags, plastic films and food packaging. The products are easy to be decomposed and metabolized, and finally completely degraded into carbon dioxide and water.

Up to now, Jinhui Zhaolong has formed an annual output of 20000 tons of biodegradable plastic raw materials and 10000 tons of biodegradable plastic modified materials. The company has become one of the world's six manufacturers with independent research and development technology of similar biodegradable plastics.

"We insist on putting innovation at the core of the overall transformation and development, and plan to implement a number of major innovation measures that have more comparative advantages and can better drive the overall situation, so that the vitality of innovation can burst out and the source of innovation can fully flow." Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary, Mayor Yang Guang said.

Shengxi Lake is like a mirror in the city. Xiaohe River is gently brushed like a ribbon. It is determined to adhere to innovation drive and promote high-quality transformation and development. Xiaoyi is sailing forward.