Pengfei Group's "Post Competition Month" Cultural Competition Conference Held Ceremoniously


Pengfei Rong Media Center



On May 25, the cultural competition conference of Pengfei Group's "Post Competition Month" was solemnly held in the multifunctional conference hall of Pengfei Headquarters's 5G Central Dispatch Command and Management Platform.

Zheng Peng, chairman and president of the group company, and leaders of Li Yang, Tian Zhenguo, Xi Jianjie, Ma Xiaolong and other group companies watched the game.

Representatives of middle and high-level leading cadres in various systems, representatives of outstanding employees, and 18 winners of the "One Post and Two Statements" Post Professional Skills Competition of the "Post Competition Month", a total of 90 people competed together to explore and appreciate the charm of Pengfei culture.

This is a special convention. The competition is held in small groups. "Blazers", "Today's Brilliant Team", "Brave Forward Team", "Loyal and Friendly Team" ...... One by one sonorous and powerful team names, a new and resounding slogan, everywhere demonstrates the unique charm of Pengfei culture and Pengfei people's cultural confidence.

It was a well-prepared conference. Through the conference competition, an upsurge of learning party history, corporate culture, safety knowledge and system process has been set off throughout the group, so that Pengfei culture and safety production concept can be truly integrated into Pengfei people's thoughts and become Pengfei people's code of conduct guidelines.

This is a full participation conference. The conference will be broadcast live through the "live filial piety" channel, so that all employees of the group's regional companies, factories and mining units can participate in the activities. The "cloud" will share Pengfei's cultural feast and jointly gather the strength to move forward courageously.


Chairman Zheng Peng, Li Yang and Tian Zhenguo presented awards to the team that won the first, second and third prizes


In his concluding speech, Chairman Zheng Peng stressed the importance of the 2021 year of management transformation, reminding all Pengfei people to grasp the new mission and new responsibilities, enhance their sense of responsibility and urgency, fully understand the necessity of transformation for the survival and development of enterprises and individuals in the future, improve their post skills and personal qualities in combination with the requirements of their posts, give full play to their personal strengths, and further turn their personal advantages into absolute advantages. Through the hard work and struggle of all of us, we will finally realize "creating happiness for those who care about Pengfei's cause".

At the end of the activity, Chairman Zheng Peng sang Pengfei's song "Step by Step" with everyone, singing the common aspiration of Pengfei people and sounding the new "horn" of Pengfei's transformation and leapfrog development ".