Pengfei Group's Corporate Culture Core Spirit Release Ceremony and Learning Pengfei Spirit Speech Contest Finals


Pengfei Rong Media Center



On May 23, the release ceremony of the core spirit of Pengfei's corporate culture and the final of the speech contest for learning Pengfei's spirit were held in the multifunctional conference hall of the 5G central dispatching and command management platform of Pengfei Headquarters. The meeting will have a main venue and 14 sub-venues, with a total of more than 1,000 cadres and employees participating.

Zheng Peng, chairman and president of the board of directors of the group company, attended the event and announced the official release of the core spirit of Pengfei's corporate culture. Zhang Xuanming, Tian Zhenguo, Ma Xiaolong and other group leaders served as judges of the competition.

Lv Xiaofang, chief cultural officer of the group company, released and interpreted the core spirit of Pengfei Group's corporate culture.

Lv Xiaofang made a detailed interpretation of Pengfei's mission, Pengfei's vision, Pengfei's spirit, Pengfei's style and the definition and interpretation of Pengfei's people. It once again made it clear that in order to build a world-leading clean energy and intelligent enterprise, dreamers who are idealistic, unwilling to be ordinary and dare to win, pioneers who can endure loneliness, break conventions and lead innovation, runners who are loyal to their career, persevere and never stop until they reach their goals, to realize the dream of Pengfei for a hundred years, all Pengfei people need to stick to their first heart, pursue their dreams persistently and strive happily.

After the release ceremony, learning Pengfei spirit speech contest finals officially kicked off.

Twelve contestants from the headquarters of the group company and various regional companies took the stage in turn, combining the personal experience of themselves and their surrounding colleagues to explain the story of Pengfei people and the company growing together and forging ahead together. Keeping pace with the times, Pengfei people, love Pengfei, I speak for the new generation, Pengfei spirit in my home......

The touching true stories and the deafening expressions of true feelings express Pengfei people's feelings and responsibilities of loving their posts, enterprises, families, and conscientious and conscientious, inspiring countless Pengfei people to raise their ideal sails with wisdom and courage, and to sound the horn of struggle with youth and life!



Chairman Zheng Peng summed up the conference. Pengfei's coming to this day is the result of continuous and hard work of Pengfei people. Creating happiness for all those who care about Pengfei's cause (including party committees and governments at all levels, social organizations and Pengfei's family members) is Pengfei's mission and Pengfei's ultimate responsibility. In the context of the new development concept, the new development pattern, and the realization of carbon neutrality, Chairman Zheng Peng called on everyone to "learn all the time, learn every day, and learn for life", practice the new development concept, and work hard., Breaking the routine, defeating yourself, becoming impossible is possible. What is Pengfei? Pengfei is an enterprise where everything is possible as long as you make up your mind.

The release ceremony of the core spirit of Pengfei's corporate culture and the final of the speech contest for learning Pengfei's spirit came to a successful conclusion in the sonorous and powerful singing. We firmly believe that under the guidance of Pengfei's spirit, all Pengfei people will embark on a new journey to build a world-leading clean energy and intelligent enterprise with great pride, and will also strive to fulfill the ultimate mission of "creating happiness for those who care about Pengfei's cause.