Thanksgiving Mother's Day | Take advantage of the time to love her well.


Pengfei Rong Media Center



The word "mother" is soft, and she contains endless love; the word "mother" is heavy, and she contains endless responsibilities; Pengfei Group also has such a group of "mothers". They are journalists, cashiers, technicians and legal commissioners. They are serious and responsible in their posts, with a loyal, noble, cohesive, enterprising, energetic and creative attitude, contribute to the transformation and development of Pengfei. At the same time, as mothers, they accompany their children to grow up healthily with the most sincere love and sincere care. Today, on this special holiday, we want to say to these mothers: "You have worked hard!"

Love has always been a verb. Today, don't be stingy with your expression, take advantage of the time to bravely express your love to your mother, and listen to Pengfei's love confession together ~



From the beginning of my memory, my mother is what a middle-aged woman looks like, so I will forget that she was also a teenage girl. I wish all mothers in the world eternal youth and happiness.