Pengfei Group and Shenyang Research Institute of China Coal Science and Industry Group go hand in hand for a win-win future


Pengfei Rong Media Center



On May 7, Pengfei Group and China Coal Science and Industry Group Shenyang Research Institute held a strategic cooperation signing ceremony. The two sides in-depth cooperation in the field of coal mine safety technical services, hand in hand, win-win future.

Lei Huang, Secretary of the Party Committee and Chairman of China Coal Science and Industry Group Shenyang Research Institute Co., Ltd., and Zhang Xuanming, Vice President of Shanxi Pengfei Group and General Manager of Coal Industry, attended the meeting.

Lei Huang emphatically introduced the outstanding advantages of Shenyang Research Institute in technical services, safety equipment, safety engineering, testing and inspection, state key laboratories and other business sectors. At the same time, he also introduced cooperative projects such as energy conservation and environmental protection, underground robots, and safety early warning. He said that this cooperation is an all-round and open cooperation, and all the resources of Shenyang Research Institute will be open to Pengfei, and at the same time, it will do its best to do a good job in service, hoping that the two sides will work together to move forward steadily on the road of future development.

At the same time, Shenyang Research Institute will set up a professional team to provide advanced and mature technical services and equipment applications for Pengfei in the fields of coal mine gas prevention and control, ventilation, fire prevention and other disaster prevention and control fields, especially the successfully developed new technologies and new products. Pengfei will be given priority services to provide Pengfei with strong scientific research and technical support and expert consultation services.

At the meeting, Zhang Xuanming shared the specific plan and strong confidence of Pengfei Group to expand and strengthen the coal sector under the background of the country's "30 carbon peaks and 60 carbon neutrality. It is believed that the two sides can strengthen innovation cooperation at a higher level, in a wider range and in a wider range of fields, such as the application of new technologies, new processes and new equipment, as well as tackling key problems in coal-related business technologies, so as to achieve win-win cooperation.

The leaders of the two sides also had preliminary exchanges on the cooperation and co-construction of the research institute.

According to the agreement, the two sides will give full play to their respective advantages on the basis of the coal mine demand of Pengfei Group and the advantages of professional technology and equipment of Shenyang Research Institute, promote the safety production work of Pengfei Group's coal sector, and realize the sustainable and coordinated development of enterprise economic benefits and safety management.

At the meeting, Pengfei Group successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Shenyang Research Institute of China Coal Science and Industry Group. The two sides fully exchanged views on key cooperation projects and agreed that based on the good foundation of cooperation and a large number of communication and docking in the early stage, the comprehensive strategic cooperation reached this time is a matter of course, and it has truly changed from a good relative to a family.

Before the meeting, the leaders visited Pengfei 5G central dispatching and command management platform and digital exhibition hall. The leaders of Shenyang Research Institute of China Coal Science and Industry Group admired Pengfei Group's advanced concept and grand layout in the field of 5G application and hydrogen energy development. They said that Pengfei's trip was deeply felt and fruitful, and they had a deeper and more comprehensive understanding of Pengfei and more confidence in the cooperation between the two sides.