Pengfei Group, China Unicom and Zhejiang Central Control Jointly Promote Pengfei Digital Intelligence Transformation


Pengfei Rong Media Center



On April 20, Pengfei Group, China Unicom and Zhejiang Zhongkong Technology Co., Ltd. held a grand meeting in Shanxi Pengfei Group to promote the transformation of group digital intelligence.

China Unicom's Big Data Chief Scientist, Pengfei Group's IT Strategy Master Plan Fan Ji 'an, Zhejiang Central Control Technology Co., Ltd. Central China Region President Wu Caibao, Shanxi Pengfei Group Chairman and President Zheng Peng and other three leaders attended the meeting to jointly plan the layout of Pengfei's "Smart Mine" and "Smart Factory" full of infinite possibilities under the traction of 5G technology.

Dr. Fan Ji'an and the expert team of China Unicom made a report on "Digital Transformation/IT Strategic Planning of Pengfei Group" at the meeting, put forward the "three-year Plan" for digital transformation of Pengfei Group, and specifically introduced the specific plans for informatization, digitalization and intelligent transformation of Pengfei Group's "Smart Mine" and "Smart Factory" in safety, environmental protection, production, operation and management.

Zhejiang Central Control Technology Team serves the construction of digital intelligence projects with advanced experience and cutting-edge achievements in industrial production automation control and intelligent management, and promotes Pengfei to take the lead in realizing transformation and upgrading. In the next step, China Unicom and Zhejiang Central Control will carry out in-depth integration in the 5G application scenarios of Pengfei's production line and control platforms at all levels, give full play to their respective advantages, and send the strongest team to Pengfei to gather all the wisdom and strength to create a first-class digital intelligence ecology for Pengfei, and provide digital empowerment for Pengfei's grand vision of transforming from a leading domestic energy enterprise to a high-tech enterprise.

Chairman Zheng Peng said that today Pengfei's demand and desire for intelligence are more urgent than ever. It is necessary to take the "Pengfei speed" of digital intelligence project construction as the first priority, refine the direction, from easy to difficult, from shallow to deep, and rapidly promote Pengfei's transformation, so as to truly transform Pengfei's traditional industries into high-tech industries. Pengfei will be built into a leading domestic and world-leading industrial digital intelligence level, so that the flowers of advanced digital intelligence scientific research achievements will bloom all over Pengfei land, and realize intelligent, digital intelligence control lighthouse enterprises.

At the meeting, Pengfei Group successfully signed a strategic cooperation agreement with Zhejiang Central Control. The latter, together with domestic industry giants such as China Unicom and China Mobile, has successively become Pengfei's strategic partner on the road of 5G digital intelligence development, adding a first-class new force in the field of industrial automation control in multi-party effective and practical cooperation.

At present, the development of digitalization, networking and intelligence in the manufacturing industry has become the focus of various countries to promote industrial transformation and upgrading, and a new round of information industry revolution led by 5G is about to begin.

Pengfei Group took the lead in integrating the development of 5G industrial applications into intelligent production, fine control and unmanned operation. Among them, Pengfei's "Smart Factory" and "Smart Mine" projects for 5G industrial applications closely follow the key deployment of the "14th Five-Year Plan". As 5G industrial applications enter an important stage of overcoming difficulties, Pengfei has the courage to explore the way and make unremitting efforts to help our province realize a strong province with digital intelligence, help China to seize the industrial, manufacturing competition commanding heights continue to contribute Pengfei power.