Leaders of Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology Praise Pengfei's "Six New" Achievements


Pengfei Rong Media Center


On April 13, Xiaoyi Municipal Party Committee Deputy Secretary and Acting Mayor Yang Guang, and Deputy Mayor Wang Yong accompanied Qiao Ligang, a member of the Party Group and Deputy Director of the Provincial Department of Industry and Information Technology, to Pengfei Group to discuss the construction of Pengfei's hydrogen energy project and 5G industrialization. Research on the "six new" achievements such as application.

Zhang Xiaodong, executive president of Pengfei Group, said that the hydrogen energy project is an important link in the extension of Pengfei's industrial chain. Key equipment suppliers choose the world's high-end brands and the cutting-edge route of process design. The purity of hydrogen will be increased from four 9 to six 9, which will have absolute competitive advantage in the future application market.

In the digital exhibition hall, Qiao ligang and his entourage experienced the modern mining technology in underground coal mines in an immersive way, and highly praised pengfei's achievements in running the new development concept through the whole process and various fields of development, continuously solving development problems through innovation and planting development advantages. It is hoped that Pengfei will continue to play the two trump cards of "5G" and "hydrogen energy", give better play to its leading role in the new economy and new kinetic energy, strive to create a new situation in project construction, and inject inexhaustible power into the transformation and development of our province.