Pengfei Joins Hands with the National People's Congress to Create Brilliant Achievements of Corporate Culture




On April 7, Pengfei Group's "Culture is Productivity" corporate culture co-creation project was officially launched.

Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, signed a cooperation agreement with Liu Peng, Dean of the School of Continuing Education of Renmin University of China. Following the 2018 Pengfei Group Management Cadre Training Course, Pengfei and the National People's Congress once again joined hands to jointly build Pengfei Group's corporate culture. Brilliant results!

Liu Peng, dean of the School of Continuing Education of Renmin University of China, introduced the corporate culture action learning training model specially designed for Pengfei by the School of Continuing Education of Renmin University of China, expressing the confidence and determination that the teaching team will go all out to contribute to Pengfei's talent training and corporate culture strategy landing, hoping to introduce more disciplines into Pengfei from this project, seek deeper and broader cooperation, and empower Pengfei's development.

All members of the Corporate Culture Development Management Department and all participants of Pengfei Group who participated in the strategic plan of the co-creation action took an oath in turn to promise that they will fulfill their duties, pioneer and innovate, and jointly build the brilliant achievements of Pengfei culture.

The corporate culture co-creation project team has also set up a temporary party branch with Comrade Lu Xiaofang as the branch secretary, allowing the party building to lead the co-creation operation throughout.

Li Aihua, head of the corporate culture project of the School of Continuing Education of Renmin University of China, and the experts of the project team solemnly promised the participants that they would fully invest and actively promote the co-creation project, deliver phased results as expected, and promote Pengfei's "culture is productivity" The practice blossoms and bears fruit.

Enterprise has culture, Pengfei has spirit, Pengfei has power. In his speech, Zheng Peng, chairman and president of Pengfei Group, repeatedly stressed the important role of culture for individuals and the development of enterprises, and repeatedly interpreted the profound connotation of culture and the different meanings of culture and academic qualifications. He earnestly hoped that all Pengfei people could cherish the learning opportunity of teaching by the expert team of the National People's Congress, so that first-class universities and first-class professors could make all Pengfei people into first-class talents; let the enterprise culture become the inexhaustible motive force for Pengfei's sustainable development and striving to be a "lighthouse enterprise. What is Pengfei? Pengfei is as long as you make up your mind, anything is possible.

Three years of enterprises rely on hard work, ten years of enterprises rely on technology, 20 years of enterprises rely on systems, and 100 years of enterprises rely on culture.

Standing at the time node of the new era, Pengfei Group will take "management transformation" as the starting point, take "eleven productive forces" as the breakthrough point, use corporate culture to promote Pengfei's sustained and steady development in the new historical period, and use corporate culture. Nourishment, lay the foundation of Pengfei for a century. Pengfei will surely bloom the new brilliance of the top 100 private enterprises under the new development pattern with an indomitable attitude of struggle and a spirit of rain or shine.