[Open Pengfei, let the world see!] China Daily Launches: Pengfei's Development Road Led by 5G




Willow light, spring breeze. Today is Friday, March 12, 2021. The special edition of China Daily-"Discover Shanxi Discovers Shanxi" published "Shanxi harnesses innovation to boost high-quality growth", which pushed Pengfei Group to the world and conveyed the voice of Pengfei.

China Daily is the first choice of Chinese English media for high-end people at home and abroad, and it is an important window for China to understand the world and the world to understand China.

This time, China Daily launched Pengfei's development path led by 5G, introducing the new achievements of Shanxi Pengfei's transformation and development to global readers, making Pengfei's 5G digital intelligent central dispatching management platform a stunning appearance on the world stage. There is no doubt that Pengfei will become a bright "window" for Shanxi and even China to show the world the digital transformation of traditional coal coking industry ".



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Selected translations of China Daily

At present, the wave of digitization and intelligence is sweeping the world, reshaping people's production and lifestyle, and also bringing unprecedented opportunities for Shanxi's high-quality transformation and development.

At the beginning of the new year, the country's most advanced "5G Intelligent Central Dispatching Command and Management Center" was completed and put into operation in Xiaoyi, Luliang. This management center has built an international leading unattended digital cloud computing center. Through advanced industrial Internet and cloud computing technology, Shanxi Pengfei Group has realized the convergence and connection of 10 trillion backbone optical fiber networks in Luliang, Jincheng, Yangquan and Changzhi.

At present, Shanxi Province's only coal coking industry chain 5G digital intelligent central dispatch management platform, has been completed in Pengfei Group.

Open Pengfei Let the World See

Discover wonderful Shanxi shared transformation opportunities

At the beginning of the 14th Five-Year Plan transformation, the actions and achievements of Pengfei Group have injected strong impetus into the new road of transformation and development, and won the attention and affirmation of the party media. Today's China Daily issued the voice of Pengfei, introducing the world to Shanxi's Pengfei Group, a technology-based transformation enterprise. Pengfei, led by 5G, uses innovation transformation to promote high-quality growth and is far ahead in the coal coking industry!

From 1993 to 2021, in the 28-year long journey of Pengfei's development,On the road to the whole country and the world again and again,Pengfei Group is becoming more and more confident and steady. This is Pengfei, which makes us proud.

Looking forward to the new development in the future, we are singing all the way in Pengfei's ship, carrying the spirit of Pengfei and gathering Pengfei's strength.

Today's glory is Pengfei, tomorrow Pengfei will be more brilliant!