Paying tribute to the great Pengfei women | goddesses riding the wind and waves, happy holidays ~


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Today is March 8, 2021, Women's Day. It is the 111th International Women's Day and the 98th Women's Day in China. Women's Day is often referred to as "International Women's Day" or "Women's Day" in China ". In this special festival, Pengfei Group wishes all goddesses a happy holiday ~ full of care and love for all employees, showing their elegant demeanour and contributing their strength. Pengfei Group has specially launched a series of activities on the theme of "paying tribute to the great Pengfei women". Let's take everyone to see the wonderful activities.

legal publicity

2021 is the beginning year of the "Eighth Five-Year Plan" law popularization. The Women's Federation of the Group and the Legal Department launched a special law popularization activity of "Love for female employees and the rule of law by their side". Guide female employees to learn, abide by, and use legal weapons to protect their legitimate rights and interests.

Pengfei Women Strive for First Class "Preaching Activities

Taking advantage of the opportunity of "learning Pengfei spirit" carried out by the group company, combining female roles, workplace experience and personal experience of learning Pengfei spirit and ideological connotation, outstanding female employees gave lectures.

Exclusive care.

On the day of the festival, each female employee will be given a holiday gift and blessing card. Thank you cards and holiday gifts for all married male employees.

"Great Pengfei Women" Shake Audio and Video Selection Activities

Shooting and making positive energy family and work clips and @ Shanxi Pengfei. Pengfei Group Trade Union Federation will screen the high-quality videos and upload them to the "voting" platform of Friends Space. At that time, all employees will be invited to participate in the voting.

The spring flowers are in full bloom and the years are silent. The vast history of Pengfei has been opened. The hard work of female workers has left shining footprints here. Riding the wind and waves, they are like bright stars, always shining with wisdom and holiness. Strive for the realization of their own life value, strive to realize the development of Pengfei, show the elegant demeanor of women, show the strength of women, and achieve either natural beauty or natural inspiration!