Enterprise has culture, Pengfei has spirit, Pengfei has strength


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Tell Pengfei's story well, pass on Pengfei's spirit, gather Pengfei's strength, and do a good job in Pengfei's cause!

On February 17, the first day of the Spring Festival holiday, Pengfei Group welcomed the annual Pengfei Spirit Publicity and Mobilization Conference as scheduled.

From 1993 to 2021, in the 28-year long journey of Pengfei's development, there were ups and downs, tribulations and challenges. In the face of difficulties and hardships and crises, it was the power of Pengfei's spirit that guided all Pengfei people to move forward with their heads held high.

Pengfei Group Chairman and President Zheng Peng detailed interpretation of Pengfei 28 years of development trilogy.

Pengfei Spirit Preachers Ma Xiaolong, Lv Xiaofang, Qiao Xiaoqin, Hao Pengfei and Dong Qinliang tell their personal experiences of growing up with Pengfei.

Pengfei Spirit

"Loyalty, Noble, Cohesion and Enterprising" refers to the standard of being a human being. "Change your mind, keep pace with the times, face up to difficulties and pursue perfection" refers to the standard of doing things. "One day after another, one year after another" talks about the goal of every Pengfei person. "Today's brilliant look at Pengfei" is Pengfei's beautiful vision and a growing and expanding beautiful Pengfei dream. In the final analysis, pengfei strong, Pengfei people strong.

Transformation Management

This year is the year of Pengfei's management transformation, why the transformation? Because the future is the future of innovation!

Pengfei spirit is our soul on the new journey of implementing the new development concept and building a new development pattern. Understand the development of the world, recognize Pengfei's development path, let Pengfei spirit inject strong spiritual strength and motivation into all Pengfei people, and let every Pengfei person become a craftsman and leader in the industry. Let's face the difficulties with our heart, emotion and strength to meet Pengfei's future!

Enterprise has culture, Pengfei has spirit, Pengfei has strength

To tell the story of Pengfei and the development process of Pengfei is to let all Pengfei people have a comprehensive understanding of how Pengfei has developed from 93 years in 25000 yuan to now have 60 billion assets, forming a new traditional industrial base of coal, coke, chemical industry, service industry, logistics and finance, full cycle, cross-region, cross-province and cross-border. It is to let all Pengfei people truly understand Pengfei's development process, let Pengfei spirit seep into the marrow of every Pengfei person.

The future world has come. Pengfei will keep a close eye on the development direction of digital intelligence transformation, seize today, see the future clearly, improve itself, innovate with knowledge, technology and wisdom, and seek the future!

We believe that where there is a will, there is a way. If we cross the rubicon, the two Qin Pass will eventually belong to Chu!