Loyalty, self-confidence, forge ahead, transform management, win the future


Pengfei Rong Media Center

2020 loyalty, self-confidence, forge ahead

Looking back on the 2020, the journey is full of hardships and the results of the struggle are remarkable. All Pengfei people are united and tenacious, showing Pengfei spirit, Pengfei strength and Pengfei speed.

2021 Management Transformation Wins the Future

Looking ahead to the 2021, Pengfei closely follows the pace of the new era, relying on the new development concept, reconstructing the new development goals, and strengthening the "industrial chain, innovation chain, advantage chain and talent chain" to build a new development system in an all-round way. Number of intelligence management together, innovation and development of new road. 2021 bloom new weather! Another brilliant innovation!

On February 6, Pengfei Group's 2020 Work Summary Recognition and 2021 Work Deployment Conference was held ceremoniously.

The main venue is located in the conference hall of Pengfei Headquarters 5G Central Dispatch Command and Management Center, and 14 sub-venues such as Ma Junyu, Pengfei Coking Plant and Pengfei Friendship Hotel, with a total of 1362 people attending the conference on site or via video.

Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, made a 2020 work report to the conference, indicating Pengfei's new development goals, new directions and new paths in 2021. At the same time, the group company 2020 outstanding collective and individual awards.




Participants signed in one after another. Under the rendering of the warm-up music "Just Do It", the atmosphere of the venue was grand and warm.

Chairman Zheng Peng, on behalf of the Board of Directors of Pengfei Group, made a report to the General Assembly! The heads of all systems of Pengfei Group swear to all Pengfei people to complete the annual task target!

Chairman Zheng Peng awarded the 2020 Advanced Collective and Advanced Individual Representatives! Recognize advanced tree models and encourage all employees to achieve good results. This commendation has 14 awards, including "Chairman's Special Award", "Outstanding Deputy General Manager", "Outstanding Factory Minister", "Anti-epidemic Advanced Award", "Safety Production Unit", "Innovation Award" and "Pengfei Craftsman Award". A total of 14 outstanding units and nearly 500 outstanding individuals were commended.

Statement by the President

Loyalty, self-confidence, forge ahead

1. In the year of 60 years of reincarnation of catastrophes and calamities, there is such a loyal, noble, cohesive and enterprising heroic team. With the style of changing ideas, keeping pace with the times, facing difficulties and pursuing perfection, it has written a new chapter in Pengfei's development history and painted a beautiful picture with Pengfei's green painting.

2. In 2020, we will plan the layout, seize the opportunity, and reach a new high in industrial layout. Share and jointly build Pengwan Hydrogen Port, build a model project for the energy revolution, and build the world's most competitive hydrogen energy industry base.

3. In 2020, we will use cutting-edge technologies such as big data, cloud computing and artificial intelligence to promote innovative management methods, management models and management concepts, and our enterprise management system and governance capabilities will reach a new level and reach a new peak.

4. In 2020, we will focus on Party building and promote development with our heart, emotion and strength. Party building is productivity as the guide, setting off an upsurge of Party building in the group companies.

5. In 2020, we will implement the strategic idea of "gathering talents from all over the world and Pengfei", continuously cultivate fertile soil for gathering talents, and improve the mechanism of attracting, cultivating and using talents.

Transformation Management Wins the Future

1. In 2021, we will work harder and harder, implement the new development concept in the new development stage, build a new development pattern, strive to be the vanguard of high-quality development and energy revolution, focus on the "six new" new roads, and Pengfei will take the lead!

2. In 2021, reconstruct the new development concept of safety and environmental protection production-people first, life first.

3. In 2021, reconstruct the new development goal. Traditional industries are emerging and emerging industries are high-end.

4. In 2021, build an all-round new development system of "industrial chain, innovation chain, advantage chain and talent chain.

5. In 2021, the new development concept will be implemented with "real work, hard work, good work and quick work.

6. In 2021, we will take management transformation as the driving force and practice the new development concept. Let everyone make progress every day and every year, and let it become the norm to surpass oneself and limits.

7. In 2021, digitalization and intelligence will become the main driving force of the new development concept; with the perspective of the new era, examining and tapping the productivity of the new era will become the driving force for practicing the new development concept.

8. Everyone is productive, everyone can be the champion, and everything will have miracles. Pengfei is that as long as you make up your mind, everything is possible!!!