Xiao Nian is a Han traditional festival in China, also known as Xie Zao, the festival of offering sacrifices to the stove, the festival of the stove king, and the festival of offering sacrifices to the stove. The new year is regarded as the beginning of the new year. How much do you know about the origin of the little year? Let's have a look ~

Legend has it that the Kitchen God was originally a civilian Zhang Sheng. After marrying a wife, he spent all his days drinking and drinking. He lost all his family and fell to the streets to beg. One day, he begged to his ex-wife Guo Dingxiang's house. He was so ashamed that he went under the stove and burned to death. After the Jade Emperor knew about it, he thought that Zhang Sheng could change his mind and was not bad to the end. Since he died at the bottom of the pot, he was named Kitchen Kitchen King. He reported to heaven on the 23rd and 24th of December every year and returned to the bottom of the stove on the 30th of the year. The common people felt that they must respect the Kitchen King because he had to go to heaven to report on the situation at home this year. As a result, Han people have a "small year" of offering sacrifices to the stove on the 23rd and 24th of the twelfth lunar month, praying for peace and fortune in the coming year.

December 23, a small year is a year ~

Spring welfare is naturally indispensable. These days, Pengfei Group is also providing benefits to its employees. Come and have a look with us. Lucky to happy to good luck, Pengfei welfare to report 。In ancient times, there were thousands of miles to send goose feathers. Today, Pengfei sends noodle oil.

A Spring Festival welfare represents good wishes and conveys Pengfei Group's deep care for employees. Pengfei Group inherits the culture of "home" and strives to create a warm heart and development platform for employees. I hope that every employee will place this feeling in their work, go hand in hand in every future development of the group, and strive to move forward to create more brilliant glory.