The supreme glory! Pengfei Workers Elected as National Model Workers


Pengfei Group News Center


Recently, the 2020 National Commendation Conference for Model Workers and Advanced Workers was held in the Great Hall of the People in Beijing. Dong Qinliang, an employee of Pengfei Qinhe Hou Village Coal Mine, was awarded the title of "National Model Worker" and received the highest national commendation, demonstrating the style and tolerance of Pengfei people to the people of the whole country.

National Model Labor in Pengfei

Dong Qinliang joined the main production mine of Pengfei Group-Waocun Coal Mine in 2011 and transferred to the mine monitoring center in 2013. Over the years, he has been diligent and hardworking in ordinary positions. He has won the Jincheng May 1st Labor Medal, Shanxi Province May 1st Labor Medal, Shanxi Province Special Model Worker and other honorary titles.

"Honor belongs to everyone, honor belongs to Pengfei", Dong Qinliang engraved Pengfei spirit in his heart, externalized Pengfei people's cultural essence of "loyalty, nobility, cohesion and enterprising", step by step, from the municipal and provincial levels to the election of national labor models, carried forward the era fashion of glorious labor and precious skills, inspired more Pengfei people to continue to struggle, keep forging ahead, and write the new glory of workers in the new era.

Labor is the most glorious

At the commendation meeting, General Secretary Xi Jinping stressed, "Glory belongs to the workers, and happiness belongs to the workers. Socialism is done, and the new era is fought out. The whole society should carry forward the social customs of the most glorious labor, the noblest labor, the greatest labor and the most beautiful labor."

"Happiness comes from struggle" is a sentence often used by Zheng Peng, chairman and president of Pengfei Group, to encourage all Pengfei people. Pengfei respect for labor, respect for knowledge, respect for talent, respect for creation. We firmly believe that Dong Qinliang is the first national model worker of Pengfei Group, but he will not be the last.

Strive to be a new era model worker

The workers in the new era are wise, and they are newcomers of the era with the courage to innovate, the courage to be the first, and the vigor and vitality.

Inspired by the spirit of model workers, Pengfei will continue to increase the training mechanism for innovative talents, actively create an environment for the growth of model workers, strive to cultivate model workers with brand influence in the country, and use the spirit of model workers to lead the majority of Pengfei people to stick to their posts and build dreams with ingenuity, so as to contribute to Pengfei's transformation and development and socialist construction.