The 15th National Network Media Shanxi Tour Press Group Enters Pengfei


Pengfei Group News Center


The 15th National Network Media Shanxi Tour with the theme of "Transformation to New Road and Fen' Jin' New Journey" was launched in Taiyuan on November 16.

Editors and reporters from nearly 50 central and local key online media, major commercial websites, key news websites in Shanxi Province, and traditional media in Shanxi Province used a week to go deep into Taiyuan, Luliang, Jinzhong and other places. Propaganda and reporting, witness and record Shanxi's transformation power, transformation experience, and transformation results.‍

On November 20, the press corps walked into Xiaoyi, Luliang. Accompanied by Zhang Yunpeng, member of the Standing Committee of Xiaoyi Municipal Committee and Minister of Organization, they came to Pengfei Group to go deep into Pengfei's methanol co-production LNG centralized control center to learn more about the development of Pengfei's raw coal, coke, fine chemicals, hydrogen energy, hotels and other sections.‍

Pengfei Group Chairman and President Zheng Peng warm reception.

At the group headquarters, the press delegation visited Pengfei Multimedia Exhibition Hall 5G Central Dispatch Command Center and Pengfei Party-Mass Service Center. At the 5G Central Dispatch Command Center, the press corps carefully understood Pengfei's latest application in 5G technology. When they saw Pengfei Coking Plant's ultra-long-distance picture tracking and amplification effect, they could not help but marvel at Pengfei's application of digital technology.‍

Zhang Yunpeng affirmed Pengfei's major contribution to Xiaoyi's economic development as a private enterprise in Xiaoyi City, and at the same time introduced Pengfei's outstanding characteristics in party building work to the press team.‍

After the visit, Chairman Zheng Peng also accepted interviews from many media such as International Online, China News Service, Xinhuanet, Phoenix New Media, and Shanxi Cloud Media.‍

Chairman Zheng Peng grasped the pulse of the times from Pengfei and continuously explored the high-end, new, modern and intelligent coal coking industry. Use 5G new technology to solve all kinds of problems encountered in the process of enterprise development. Committed to energy transformation, to achieve coal without coal, coke without coke; Taking advantage of hydrogen-rich advantages to create a hydrogen energy industry format; To carry out three-dimensional cooperation with major universities, Pengfei is the university, and the university is in Pengfei; enterprise casting nest, party building casting soul, culture casting heart and other aspects answered the questions of the press group.‍