Pengfei won the honor of "2020 China's top 500 petroleum and chemical enterprises"


Pengfei Group News Center


Affected by the outbreak in the first half of the year, the effective demand for domestic petrochemical products shrank and market prices fell. However, Pengfei people were not intimidated by many adverse factors, under the correct leadership of Chairman Zheng Peng, Pengfei as a key chemical enterprise in the region, actively resumed work and production, revitalized the industry, so that the whole society witnessed the Pengfei spirit, Pengfei strength, Pengfei efficiency in the process of overcoming difficulties and obstacles in the release of extraordinary energy.

In the second half of the year, Pengfei vigorously promoted the strategy of "digitalization of digital industrialization industry", which added wings to the high-quality transformation and development of enterprises. After winning the top 500 private enterprises in China and the top 500 manufacturing industries in China, it is a surprise and more reasonable to win another top 500 honor this year.

Standing at the current important historical intersection, Pengfei is ushering in the historical leap of digital leading industry!