Pengfei Friendship Hotel Grand Opening


Pengfei Group News Center


October 28 at 11.18 a.m.

Pengfei Friendship Hotel opening ribbon-cutting ceremony held!

Qinshui County deputy magistrate Liu Jianguo presided over the event.

Qinshui County Party Committee Standing Committee, Deputy County Chief Zhao Guangyi to express heartfelt congratulations to Pengfei Group!

At present, Qinshui is in a critical period of leading the high-quality transformation and development on the new track. I hope Pengfei will continue to make a milestone model for the development of Qinshui modern service industry with first-class concept, first-class standard and first-class service!

Eat in Qinshui, watch in Qinshui, live in Qinshui.

In his speech, Zheng Peng, Chairman and President of Pengfei Group, expressed the precious friendship of meeting Qinshui, expressed his heartfelt thanks to Qinshui County Party Committee and County Government for caring about and supporting Pengfei's cause, and poured Pengfei's painstaking efforts into Pengfei Friendship Hotel, carrying Qinshui hope, and taking on the glorious mission of leading the county economy, expressing Pengfei's firm confidence!

Later, Zhao Guangyi, Zheng Peng and other leaders cut the ribbon for the opening of Pengfei Friendship Hotel!

The completion and opening of Pengfei Friendship Hotel is another practical achievement of Pengfei Group's industry extending to modern service industry. It is also another important measure to accelerate the industrial transformation and upgrading of Qinshui County, focus on the construction goal of large county towns, and lead the county economic development after Qinhe energy!

The modern service industry has become an important engine for economic transformation and upgrading, and a strong driving force for the high-quality development of China's economy.

Today, Pengfei Group has three five-star hotels, Pengfei State Guest Hotel, Pengfei Friendship Hotel and Jinyuan International Hotel, located in Luliang, Jincheng and Yangquan. It has become a new star in Shanxi's service industry with landmark buildings and brand services. It insists on improving Shanxi people's happiness with first-class service standards, leading county economic development with first-class management level, and adding new momentum to Shanxi's transformation and development with Pengfei's characteristic development mode!